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Open if Giving Up

Monday, March 13, 2017

(Letter to myself or others if they want tough love haha) Why do you want to give up? Because it's too hard? Because you're mind doesn't like the change? Well, it is either change or do nothing all day. Accomplish nothing. Be proud of nothing. You've been doing it for years and complaining about it since day one. So why keep going on this track? You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself stop making excuses and stop coddling yourself. You keep making these goal and not accomplishing them. Why? Because you are weak. You aren't strong enough to go to the gym? The place you love going to? Take a long hard look in the mirror. You know that's your competition. Why are you letting it win and not yourself? This is the only life you get! You want to waste the rest of your years on the couch binge watching Netflix. Why? What is the point?! Go for a f-ing walk. Do something. You know you shouldn't eat that. Stop grabbing for it. Instead of buying veggies and fruits and let them rot in the fridge eat them! Male that chicken! It literally takes half an hour!! Stop falling into old habits. You don't need to go to McDonalds. Take that money and go buy a salad at Walmart. It takes the same amount of time! You are going to keep going. You are going to surprise everyone. You will make others jealous. You will snap necks walking around like you used to. You f-ing got this. For the love of god. Stop failing yourself. You deserve better. You f-ing can. Accomplish anything! Make your dream a reality! Now get up make that healthy meal. Then head right to the gym! Don't give up on yourself. You already have been since getting healthy became a dream and not a reality.
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