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Friday, March 17, 2017

I am a wife, mom, grandma, daughter, grandaughter, aunt, niece, teacher, friend, encourager, cheerleader, and multitasker. I am stronger than I think. I have fallen on my face and rose from the ashes (literally). I have been thin, heavy, moderate, and obese. I have worked hard and been found barely working.
I have had weight difficulties since I was a teenager. I struggled with emotional eating. I gained weight and didn't see it as a problem until the doctor bluntly informed me that it was a problem. I was tired, always feeling ill, had high blood pressure, high A1C, pre diabetes, hypothyroidism, and gout. Despite all of these conditions I was in denial that I needed a change.
In 2005 I started a low to no carbohydrate diet. I ate mostly protein and very little else. I ate less than 17 grams of carbs a day. I continued for a year. I lost over 100 pounds. I walked miles and miles a week. It was what I thought was a miracle.
In 2006, I began to have problems with keeping food down. I started to vomit every time I ate. Shortly I began to vomit to the point of dehydration. I was unable to eat anything without horrible episodes. I went to the ER 3-4 times a week for fluids. I contracted Campylobacter and was hospitalized.
After being referred to a gastroenterologist and tested endlessly for a month I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Basically I had a paralyzed stomach. There was no movement in my stomach to help break food down to digest correctly. I was thrust back into the diet of soft carbohydrates and the nightmare that followed.
Throughout the next year I gained all of the weight back. I was not eating enough to help me maintain my weight and my metabolism was in the bucket. I had zero energy, I hurt all the time from vomiting, and I was so depressed.
I continually gained and lost weight for the next 10 years. I became accustomed to the new me I was living. I was back on the track of high blood pressure, high A1C, hypothyroidism, gout, and continued gastric difficulties. I walked many, many miles and did not lose much weight. I was diligent and true to my walking schedule as I could feel the release as I was out in the fresh air.
In 2015 we lost our house to a house fire. Our entire world was destroyed. I was sinking into a dark place. We discovered we had the worst case of black mold the investigator ever seen. We got these reports 2 days after our house burned due to an electrical short. In the big picture it is obvious what contributed to the cause of my gastrointestinal damage…but also was the beginning of a restart in my life.
In 2016 my close friend was on her own journey to become healthier. As I watched from the sideline I had zero confidence that I could do what she does. I was amazed at her transformation. I attended a friend’s wedding in July. On my way home I got to see firsthand the success my friend had. It was a very internal realization for me. I contemplated the entire ride home about how I was going to be able to do the program. I knew it was time for a change… I just didn’t know how to do it. So I took faith in my friend…and in turn signed in under her to buy 21-day fix.
My experience with Beachbody on demand has been a complete and honest positive one. I have enjoyed every workout and have learned to much about myself. I have learned I can do hard things and even if I don’t feel like I can do it…in the end I can do it. I have found that I love the challenge of pushing myself to do things I thought I could never do! I completed 3 rounds of the 21 Day Fix, 1 round of 21-day fix Extreme, 1 round of T25, and a few other workouts in the middle. I am currently in the 5th week of Turbo Fire.
I have successfully lowered my blood pressure, A1C, thyroid medication, and gout medications requirements. I am no longer on medication for all but the thyroid. I have lost over 50 pounds and many inches. I am down in clothes sizes and have a newfound love to live.
I am a visual person and I need tangible things to remind me of my accomplishments. It could be pebbles, rocks, chips, or beans…no matter… I do best when I see the accumulation of “items”. I also do better when I have a goal set. My first goal was to complete 100 workouts consecutively. I did not make it consecutively but I did get the 100 workouts done. I am currently at 92 of my second 100. I am aiming to have 300 workouts in by July 10, 2017. I am confident I will get there. My reward for the second hundred was to invest in me. I decided to sign up to be a beach body coach, cheerleader, and encourager. My most satisfying comfort is being there for others. To be that person who helps others the way my awesome coach did for me is exactly the motivator I need to keep going on this journey.
So onward… I am excited to become what I am destined to be… HEALTHY!

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