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The Secret To Weight Loss

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

I'm super happy with myself. Something has just clicked over the last week.

I'll admit this past year I have done some pretty unhealthy things in order to lose weight.
But the real issue came down to how I thought about food. Someone pointed out to me how I was treating food like an addiction. When stressed, angry, or sad I would turn to food to make myself feel better. Even when I was happy I would reward myself with food acting like I deserve it since things were going so well.

Food is just food. We eat it so we have energy. It's not meant to make you feel better. It's not meant to be eaten when your bored. The big things this week was question what I was eating every time.
At my parents house yesterday. It was an hour before dinner and my dad pulled out a bag of chips for everyone to share. Typically I would be all over that, eating as much as my hands could get ahold of. Yesterday, I paused and thought,

"Am I hungry?" Not really....
"Does it provide much energy or is it just the taste I want?" Nope
"Should I eat this or wait till dinner?" wait till dinner.

And just like that I didn't eat one chip and was okay with the fact everyone else was eating them.

This new mind set has paid off amazingly. I am down from 210 last week to 206 this week. And I plan to keep going this way, as it all of a sudden does't seem that hard, when I ask myself the simple questions before eating.

Here's to more weight loss!!
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