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Mini Update

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I just spoke to the kidney specialist yesterday. My kidney stones were 95% calcium phosphate. Dr said those are not the easiest kind to prevent - yea me emoticon

He said I will have to totally change my diet. No more sweet tea!! I have also been practically living on Special K bars, now a no-no. No peanuts, potatoes, spinach. Only 6 ounces of meat per day. And, get this, 4 servings of milk or yogurt a day! I feel like I will turn into a cow!! And lots of water and Crystal light, which I already do.

As a refresher, I just had surgery in Dec to remove what we thought was a 9mm stone. Turns out, it was LOTS of little stones (over 50, ranging in size from 1-3mm). Yesterday, the ultrasound showed that there may already be another 7mm stone in the same kidney (or more super small ones). I will be having a CT scan in a few weeks to be sure. I am nervous that it is on the same place. I had a "structural defect" that caused the stones to be walled off and I am praying that that has not happened again!! If it has, it will definitely mean more surgery. And I am more stressed out about the prospect of my husband's reaction to my surgery than the surgery or the stones. He did NOT handle it well last time (that is the understatement of the century!!!).

So, for all of you prayer warriors, please pray that I will NOT need surgery!! I can deal with just about all the other issues. And, as if this isnt enough, my Lyme symptoms are acting up again - hands and feet tingling, headaches (and I may need to go off my migraine preventative medicine because of the stones), and most troubling is trigeminal neuralgia - a severe pain in my face that comes and goes with no rhyme or reason and doesnt respond to pain medicine. I have started fish oil & elderberry syrup, which is lessening that pain some (Praise the Lord!!).

I also go back to the Lyme dr in mid April. We will see what she has to say about stopping the migraine meds and possibly going back on antibiotics for the Lyme symptoms. I don't know if I will be back on here much. But I did want to say hello!!

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