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Friday, March 31, 2017

Okay, so I should have started this last week... or to be honest a month ago. Long story short. I'm a big girl, I have been my whole life, my first diet was my Mother putting me on Jenny Craig when I was like... 14? I've never really had anything stick, I lose some, I gain it back, I get tired of it.. I lose it.. I gain it back. Rinse, later, repeat.

Well I have been trying again, restarting again. And I am struggling to see the pounds come off. I got sick, and lost like 20lbs, but I was barely able to keep food down (H. Pylori sucks).

Now, I always had heard the stigma about bariatric surgeries... how its cheating, taking the easy way out.. and so on. Never really gave it any thought until I met my roommate/bestie. She had gastric bypass long before I met her. So being the blunt person I tend to be, I asked her about what she went through, what she did... and it stopped being this weird... thing.. that I knew about but had a misconception of.

So I asked my doctor about it, wanted to maybe get some details, see if it is something that would help me. Now, I don't even know if I qualify or anything, or if I even want to do it. But it isn't going to hurt me to learn about it... to see if it is an option.

First of all... I ask my primary care doctor about this... and he sorta, slides me a peice of paper containing a phone number and nothing else. He says. "Call them. They can help you." Now, my mind goes so some sort of shady backdoor deal. What can I say, I like movies, and it sorta of felt a bit like the plot of some adventure comedy starring me. Who knows, maybe it is. So I take the phone number, give them a call and its a clinic who specializes in bariatric surgery.

They give me a quick rundown, and send me a link to a webinar that I need to read. Okay, cool. They also told me to call my Insurance company, make sure they cover it. And after about thirty minutes of yelling at the automated machine and waiting on hold for nine hundred years. A very nice woman tells me... well, in that nice vague insurance company way (I know how it works, I work in Insurance).. that as long as they Dr's code it right. It's covered 100%.

I watched the webinar tonight, and I think I am interested in going in for a consult. I'm not sold on the idea, but I am definitely interested. Part of me really doesn't want surgery, but a bigger part really wants to be healthy.

Now.. I know how to eat right, it's not always easy, but I know how. I can do really good with my diet, I actually really like fruits and veggies. In fact after a health scare, where I ended up in the ER with a blood pressure of 235/195... I have completely quit caffeine (other than some weak iced tea.. that is it). Yup, Pop, energy drink and coffee free!

My biggest problem, is my PCOS. The last time I really lost alot of weight, I lived at the gym, 3-4 hours a day sort of things. And I just do not have the time for that anymore. I don't see bariatric surgery as a quick fix, or a solution. I see it as a tool that can help me get closer to my goals, and to a much healthier me.
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  • no profile photo L_DROUIN
    I know several people who have had this done. They lost a lot of weight,but there is still things that a person doing this has to have the will power to do and continue to do consistently. I don't know if I would have any more luck at that than I am having now. I haven't really been doing what I should so I guess that I will try to give it a good try this time.
    1582 days ago
    I have a couple of friends who did it. They didn't get real thin but they did lose a bunch of weight and neither of them regrets it. It's a bit of an adjustment with eating however so you have to be willing to eat whatever your new stomach will allow you to eat (and you might get sick or throw up if you don't). Good luck with figuring things out!
    1582 days ago
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