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She's Back - Sort Of!

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Following my accident just over a year ago, I was diagnosed with mTBI, PCS, and PseudoBulbar Affect, which is a kind way of saying my brain got all shook up. It has been a long year, peppered with physical therapy, neurologist/neuropsychologist visits, denial, grief, anger, and more recently, the realization that this is probably as good as it gets. It got to be such a struggle to keep all the balls in the air that SP and taking physical care of myself whilst trying to keep all the appointments and continue to work that I let myself go and now weigh 265 pounds, almost as much as I weighed before lapband surgery six years ago.

The accident also left me with two more ruptured discs for a grand total of 9, but who is counting? The biggest problems have been headaches, speech deficits, and inability to sleep. My primary physician placed me on Nuedexta several months ago and it was effective for the crying I couldn't seem to control. I'm now in the process of weaning off it and am down to every other day from twice daily originally. I'm also taking Klonopin which has helped with the speech and the sleep issues, and I hope to be off it also by the end of April.

Because, Taa Daa, my knees finally played out and I am scheduled to get one replaced on May 5th and the other about June 22. Meanwhile, I have to get my exercise and nutrition back on track and SP is hands down the best place for that.

As always, your prayers and support are much appreciated. Although I have big chunks of memory missing, I know there are some great people out here!
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