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Can you relate?

Monday, April 17, 2017

So..... Who here has a conversation in their head about the next time they will eat? Kinda like a pep talk. Maybe you're being your own cheerleader? You plan it out in your mind. I'm going to eat a small meal. Not go crazy or act malnourished in any way. I've realized over the years that I'm completely incapable of merely having a snack. Every time there's an opportunity to eat I go all in! It doesn't matter what the food item is. All of my guidelines for the next meal disappear. I immediately focus my attention on the most volume or quantity of the food. My main priority is to be completely full before I leave the table, restaurant or couch. I can do some serious damage on the couch! Mindlessly eating and binge watching a build-up of DVR recordings. I would love to hear if this sounds like you. Dave
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    I unfortunately relate...but yes like the other comments it's normal to want to be full. Sometimes I wish I could be a robot and never have to eat lol. I had a really skinny guy friend in high school that hated eating. He grew up thinking eating was annoying, like a chore. He'd rather be playing video games or on his bike/skateboarding or something. Interesting, a lot of food habits begin when you're a kid.Anyways, you're blog made me think of him for some reason. That pizza though..wow looks good lol. I can also do some serious damage on the couch. Feeling full is ok but that painful over fullness is not which is what I tend to go for. Bad I know, but eating slower helps. Hope your week is going well!
    1135 days ago
    That pizza looks darn good. Especially since I have been going wheat free and without cheese for 2.5 months now. Medical reasons. Can you ask for a pizza box and put half of it in there before you start eating?
    1137 days ago
  • MAGI_5
    Wow.....sooooo you are normal? Seriously, this is an everyday occurrence for me and I am sure most people...I know I have fallen this last two weeks and I am looking in the mirror thinking oh heck no...haha...I have worked too dang hard I am not letting my weak self take over again. Thanks to spark peeps like you and others I am keeping myself in check...so yes...call it what you must...pep talk, scolding, the eye roll in the mirror or even self recrimination....it is an everyday thing...I have to keep myself in check especially when I know I am looking good or feeling better or whatever the excuse is....I have to keep myself in check or I will be 270 lbs again and I refuse to go there again...you can do this Dave...we all love and appreciate you and what you bring to this community...so for yourself do it, whatever you need to do...you have a tremendous family...you guys are all worth it...as am I...-Ma
    1137 days ago
    It WAS me all the time. Now I control it most of the time. I have a angel on my shoulder reminding me of all the reasons I should be good to my body. I also have a devil who does the opposite and at times wins. Try to practice conscious eating.
    1137 days ago
    I can relate but then I get the guilts.
    1137 days ago
    I can relate to it. I enjoy eating. However, I NEVER want to be fat again. The "fat me" is ready to come back. But the "skinny me" says NO WAY! That thought stops me from most of that type eating.
    1137 days ago
    Man that pizza looks great
    1137 days ago
    I'm on board ha ha
    1137 days ago
    Yup, sounds really familiar. I had to work on learning that feeling full really does take a few minutes. I also learned that I CANNOT sit in front of food and leave it alone. So I move it away from me, or ask for a "to-go" box, and take it home to enjoy for another meal. This took a really long time, and I still fail if I'm not paying attention (which happens more than I'd like). I had to work really really hard on paying attention to the first few bites and what they tasted like, and not swallowing them so fast that I didn't have time to get all the "good" out of them first. You'll get there. Ask for a plate, put your piece of pizza on the plate. Set it down after each bite. Either pay attention to the person you are with, or pay attention to the bite of pizza in your mouth, you can't do justice to either one while distracted by the other. Take a sip of your drink instead of another bite. Lots of little strategies that sound dorky at first, but actually do help.
    1137 days ago
    You will learn to overcome this habit if you stick to SP's information nd if you really want to kick the unhealthy habits. It can happen if you truly desire to be healthy.
    1137 days ago
    Been there, done it :/ !!!!
    1137 days ago
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