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I went to a bridal shower this morning.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A house was rented for a bridal shower for my son's fiancee. The owner of the house took a log cabin apart and had the logs cleaned and treated for insects, then put them into this house. It was beautiful with many antiques and grandfather clocks. He generally rents it by the week, but it was rented for two days so our son's fiancee could spend time with old classmates and they wouldn't have to leave the house to get ready for the shower and bachelorette party tonight.

I don't know how many were there. When I got there, most of the women were dressed for a night on the town. They were also going to a bachelorette party this evening. They had breakfast prepared of mini muffins, fruit in small cups-strawberries and blueberries, granola, yogurt, waffles and oatmeal.

Most of the women opted for mixed drinks. The first game was to try to get peach rings (candy) onto a skewer while holding it in your mouth and you couldn't use your hands to hold the bowls they were in. Each bowl had the same number of peach rings and the winner had to get six on their skewer.

Then there was a game of how well do you know the bride and groom and questions were listed on sheet of paper and you had to answer bride, groom or both. I got 5 right out 15 questions. Then there was a game matching the Disney Love Song to the movie. I got one right out of 15.

There was a jar of Hershey kisses to guess the number of kisses in the jar and I guessed 32. There was Easter grass for Easter baskets in the jar and there were over 200 kisses in the jar. The winner got the jar and the kisses.

My son's fiancee was given many nice gifts that are useful. We sat in a separate room while the bride elect opened the gifts, then went into a different room where pictures were taken.

We went to our son's tonight for hamburgers and mac and cheese and then watched The Slenderman about two girls that tried to kill one of their friends because Slenderman told them to; it was a documentary.

We came home and I am baking a meatloaf for the church get-together tomorrow. We put it off a week since my friend was in the hospital. I don't know if they will be at church tomorrow.

It was a full day, a fun day and a busy day. My husband and I took a nap after the bridal shower and our son went to his house and took one too.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    What a fun party!
    1171 days ago
    Sounds like fun! What a cool idea to rent the house for the girls to gather and stay! I read your comment and all the prep and getting ready for the wedding and then it is just over.... Wish I had eloped, but at least all of my grandparents were able to attend my wedding and that was a good thing!
    1173 days ago
    I will be glad when the wedding is over and things settle back to normal. I know that we are to celebrate, but it sure is a lot of work to get ready for it.
    1174 days ago
  • FROSTY99
    How nice to rent the home so the girls could stay there. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Happy you were able to get a nap in there.

    Won't be long till the wedding. Enjoy the coming week.
    1178 days ago
    What a neat idea to rent the house for all the gal's to share during the weekend of celebrations. The actual dwelling sounds so nice. Did you get photos of the place? If so, please consider sharing them.

    The actual shower seems like such fun & well organized. Reading about it instantly brought up memories of the festivities in the days leading up to our wedding. emoticon It will be forty-nine years ago this coming Friday. Since my much missed & loved father-in-law went off to heaven, there has been a ting of bittersweetness to our anniversary day. You see we were married on his birthday & miss him greatly, always wishing that we had more anniversary/birthday celebrations to share with him & my cherished mother-in-law - both gone many-a-year now. The good news is that we know where they are & we will see them again in the presence of our Abba one day. emoticon

    My beloved MrV is an only child &, on our wedding day, his Dad said that that year he received the best of birthday gifts "A daughter!" emoticon - that really endeared me to him, don't you know? emoticon

    Can you believe that after the extremely mild Winter months, we had snow flurries mixed with emoticon , then rain, & eventually hail yesterday. And after all that the emoticon began to shine brightly. Reminded me of Florida when we had daily rains & then the sun came out - only unlike Florida it did NOT get miserably hot & humid for us yesterday - it was cold!!!! I even put the household heater on - did this morning, too. People who truly know me realize that it must feel icy when I am willing to put the heat on. emoticon Still, even with the cold, we are so very thankful for each drop of rain, each snowflake, & each splitpea-sized hail. We needed all the precipitation we got. MrV remarked that the grass is looking nicely green & it is. Of course, we felt concern when we saw snowflakes, because past Springtime snows have killed off the buds on trees & bushes & really set the growth of both back for the whole summertime months. Thankfully, yesterdays snow did NOT amount to much, while still giving our area that much needed & appreciated drink of water.

    Day before yesterday, I made cornbread, blueberry muffins, & lemon pound cake (loaf). I did not over indulge in the cornbread (only one little taste of it); however, much to my chagrin, I have over done it with the other two. Today, I determined not to have a morsel of either! So far, so good! emoticon

    Then yesterday I boiled up five chicken breasts - some is earmarked for Little Gal's meals & some for meals for us. I plan to make some homemade chicken noodle soup & I would like to make a chicken noodle casserole. MrV is not into casseroles - never has been - thus, no casseroles have I made for the past forty-nine years. emoticon I happen to enjoy casseroles, so just may make one. Concern is that I just might find that I no longer like them. emoticon I'll just have to see, now won't I? emoticon Who knows, my beloved MrV just might find that he really enjoys the occasional casserole. emoticon I remember liking tuna casserole as a youngster, but I am NOT sure if I would now - it really does NOT sound all that tasty to me - just a little maybe.

    I, also, cooked up some emoticon & emoticon . The potatoes are for mashing for a cottage pie & the carrots are for MrV & Little Gal. Last week, while at the Vet, I heard the tech telling a guy that dogs love carrots, peas, green beans, & other veggies cooked up with rice. She warned not to include broccoli &/or cauliflower in the mix, because they produce gas. We have been feeding our Little Gal brown rice with chicken breast for the past week (due to a tummy upset), so I started adding a few peas with it & she gobbles it all down. She is going to be shocked when she goes back to her regular diet - which is high quality & tasty food - just not what she seems to really, really enjoy. We will use some of the chicken breast as treats for her, so she will not be totally deprived. emoticon

    The Vet last week (NOT our normal one) has been the first Vet to give us an actual best weight for Little Gal - she said thirteen pounds. She weights 13.6#s, so we are watching the amount of treats we offer her & trying to get in more walks. Our normal Vet has always said that her weight is "fine". I was surprised that Dr. Cole said thirteen pounds, because one of our Grandpuppies (they are all Shih Tuzs) is a runt-of-the-litter & is a lot smaller (length & height) than she & his Vet said he should weigh no more than 12#s. Still, an additional pound is a lot more on little Shih Tzus even when one is a runt & one is not, so I am assuming that thirteen is a good weight for her. I am ever mindful of her weight, because her breed is known to have back troubles as they age &, of course, keeping them at a good weight is important.

    Little Gal's report from the eye specialist on Wednesday was encouraging. He said that we have been doing a super job with her & he took her off the drops that had to be administered twice daily to one that is once-a-day, along with the one for at bedtime. The new drops can be filled at a regular pharmacy, so we will not have to travel down that way just to get refills at his office. Although we will need to get the larger bottle of bedtime drops refilled with his office. We have several bottles of that, so should be able to go until my Bible study starts up in September before needing a refill. The office is quite close to the church, so picking up prescriptions on Tuesdays works well during the school year. We would not purchase them on Sundays - even if their office was open then, which thankfully it is not. She will not go back until October 25th.

    I'll stop for now! emoticon

    God bless!
    1178 days ago
    What a great shower idea! Glad y'all had a great time and hope she make a great haul! emoticon emoticon emoticon BB~
    1178 days ago
  • TWEDEE777
    Sounds like you had fun!!
    1178 days ago
    Sounds like the shower came off wonderfully.
    1178 days ago
    Glad she received many useful gifts! emoticon Day! emoticon
    Glad you got that nap in! emoticon emoticon
    1178 days ago
    That did sound like a fun, busy day. That wedding is getting close. I am happy for you!
    1178 days ago
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