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Living WIth a Vegan

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My husband and I are pretty adamant about eating organic, fresh, non-gmo, little sugar...

Hubby is vegan - except that he does eat honey. I now include chicken, turkey, tuna, or salmon. I shop for humanely raised/produced meat, eggs, dairy.

I was ovo-lacto vegetarian for about a year and discovered that I was consistently putting on weight, then started eating chicken or tuna or salmon once or twice a week. In January this year I was hit with bronchitis in. It took a long time to recover and I found that I felt so depleted while recovering - so absolutely weak - exhibited symptoms of iron and iodine deficiencies - I decided to eat a little beef. And I will admit to feeling a little stronger within a few days of eating some beef. These days, I very occasionally will eat beef - when I WANT it, but still will have chicken, turkey, tuna, or salmon once or twice a week. I seem to feel better when I include some meat, and I seem to eat less. I found that I was substituting carbs like pasta and potatoes for the meat that I was missing, and the carbs were not as satisfying.

My challenge: my husband is our main cook - he is an excellent cook. He is not a dietician - doesn't worry about a balanced diet because he takes supplements recommended for vegans. He love veggies, obviously, but is fine to drink a protein shake (whole food, vegan). He is absolutely fine to eat a whole plate of one thing. I despise things like smoothies and protein shakes - prefer to get my nutrients from food that I can enjoy and crave variety. He doesn't appreciate the smell of cooking meat, so I don't eat meat at home. My job is such that I only get 1/2 hour for lunch (if I take a lunch break at all) and I need very easy lunch ideas. My office has a microwave and a refrigerator, but no prep space of any kind.

So, after the long, drawn out, tedious novel above, my question is:

Does anyone have any ideas for easy, mostly vegetarian, organic, non-gmo, humanely produced, take-to-work lunches? For one person??

At home I can always cook eggs to round out a meal, but I am struggling to find good options for lunch at work.

Thanks so much for any suggestions!
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    Great ideas! Thank you, DEVANNHOFFMAN! I've seemed to have a mental block about this - your suggestions are so helpful!
    939 days ago
    Got cut off... easy too... add them to salads or wraps. It's imitation crab, but it's still real fish.
    939 days ago
    What about buying the precooked rotisserie chickens? You can break them down and add to whatever hubby cooks as well as make chicken salads and such for lunch. Hard boiled eggs made into salad and pickled eggs? The imitation crab meat is easy
    939 days ago
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