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Day 905 - Finals Week

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This is finals week at our college campus. Our students are panicking about their exams, and those who are graduating are excited and nervous because they want to make sure they have met all the requirements for their graduation. It is an exciting and emotional time, and I feel for the students. We have already removed one of our potential graduates from the commencement program because he is failing a critical math class. He is one of my favorite students, and it breaks my heart that he hasn't checked all of the boxes.

How are you doing with your program? Are you focused on what you need to do to graduate? There are a lot of similarities between going to college and going to Spark. There are certain programs you need to follow, specific classes that you need to take in nutrition, activity, and attitude in order to make sure you complete the plan and get your diploma.

Some people never graduate. They show up the first day of class, and then they decide that the class is too hard, or the instructor doesn't give clear instructions, and so they drop out. For the other students in the class, that can bring up various emotions. "Was it something I said?" "Could I have done something more to encourage them to continue?" "I wish I knew how it could have been different because the course really works for me." We may never know what happened and we have to keep going because we know how important the grade is for us.

Whether you're close to graduate or just starting out as a freshman, you need to remember that the path is in front of you. All you need to do is follow it. Think of SP as your college counselor, there to give you advice and tell you the courses to take to earn your degree. Work hard and study so that you get all A's on your exams, and you'll keep that grade point average up. There is nothing more exciting than knowing that you are doing all the right things to reach your goals.

When you have earned all your credits, you will be able to don the cap and gown, and move that tassel from one side to the other to signal that you have graduated! That's the good news!!! What they don't always tell you in college is that your journey is just beginning. Once you have graduated and reached your goals, then you have a long career of maintenance ahead of you, and, to be honest, it is just as much work as it was to earn that degree, if not more. What "Spark College" does for you is give you the tools so that you can be successful in your maintenance career. Whether you actually are successful or not is totally up to you. Just as you worked hard in your college life, you have to keep working hard at your job to make sure that the diploma holds true, that you really did earn that degree.

If you enrolled in this program, then you've taken the first step. You have what it takes to get all A's. You can pass all the tests. Now get that degree and then keep going to show that all you did to earn that degree you can keep doing to be successful in life. Go on. You can do it. "Spark College" is just the start.

What's after that is "Spark Life."

Keep Sparking.
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