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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Alrighty! That was positive right? With a hint of sarcasm. 😁 For flavoring of course! So yesterday evening we took F on a surprise trip to the arcade. He won't be growing up like the other kids where games are his life. But it was his 2nd time ever. He did so good at vacation bible school this week that we promised him a surprise. Fun was had by him and the two adults! One of my accomplishments of our trip? Single handedly I destroyed the Death Star.... TWICE! (Takes a bow.) All in all we're much safer in the universe. Seriously sit. Standing ovations are appreciated but not required. So anyways we ate everything and it wasn't even awesome food. Very average but still consumed. Followed up with a trip to Krispy Kreme. 😏 I know we will have some donut sympathisers. Fast forward to 5:30am Saturday morning..... The body wakes up completely on its own. That doesn't happen without an alarm most days. So I was pleasantly surprised. First thought. It's a beautiful day to wake up! Breakfast? You KNOW what I ate. So I will not even mention it, haha! For many months I haven't rode my mtn bike. I use to ride with a greater frequency. Decision made! Early morning ride around my small town. Just like the old days. Passing by many crop fields and watching the sun climb in the sky. So many things to appreciate in a small town and community. Most people you know or don't know..... wave! What I like about that is for a brief second you connect with another person and have a moment with them. It's kinda neat really. I saw a lot of nature throughout town. I managed to spook around 6 baby deer, saw a couple of white tailed bunny parents on a dirt road. Straddled a baby toad on the sidewalk. Luckiest frog ever! I can imagine his parents told him if he ever finds himself in a "situation" ... don't hop! There's probably an 80% safe success rate. Anyways, I watched the crop duster fly over several times. I could watch planes fly all day. I didn't see the free range chickens that I normally pass. I rode around the local cotton gin and as usual I like to ride my mtn bike up on the industrial scales for an accurate weighing of course. I was so excited when I saw the numbers 80 lbs! IKR! Massive weight loss from a bike ride!!! I'm doing this more often, haha. The point of this little adventure was to step or ride out of the norm. With no expectations at all other than to push myself out of the average daily Dave pace that I've grown so comfortable being in. Checked my Fitbit to see how long my bike ride was. 6.16 miles in just under an hour. Several fast sprints were scattered throughout my ride. I made sure I wasn't cheating and coasting much either. I kept a constant tension on those crank arms. All while listening to country music on my IPod Nano. Last song I heard walking in the house was Randy Houser We Went P.s. I let my lovely wife and witty boy sleep in.
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