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a calisthenic progression

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

leg lift/L-sit/v-sit tuck progression on blocks

hands on blocks, bring legs into tuck, hold for count. extend one leg and hold for count. come to tuck and hold. extend 2nd leg and hold. come to tuck and hold. one set

will transfer exercise to rings
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    it 's been a long journey

    pushed my butt bottom pistol squat all the way up yay
    1050 days ago
    leg prog 3

    20 ssquats
    40 high knees which is 20 alt l/r (also this is not run in place, so i might have misnamed)
    Sumo squats to complete 10,20,30?
    Bulgarian squat alt l/r hold each 5 breaths 5,10 each side?

    1095 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/25/2017 2:22:54 AM
    DO track your progress. DON’T fool yourself into failure.
    Memory can be pretty selective. It conveniently forgets that extra brownie while remembering activity that never happened. The only way to know for sure is to track goals regularly with a checklist or journal.
    -Mike Kramer, Staff Writer, Do's and Don'ts of Goal Setting: Key Pieces to the Puzzle
    1119 days ago
    20pullups week1 day1
    back to the beginning with pullup max at 8.
    but i start on the intermediate column this time
    1129 days ago
    slo-mo prog
    slow motion after tonyhorton
    shoulders, get 3 yoga blocks

    slo-mo pushup 8 x 8seconds
    slo-mo dips 7 x 7sec using yoga blocks
    slo-mo pushup 6 x 6sec
    slo-mo dip 5 x 5sec

    do all on yoga blocks, deeper pushups,
    handy dips put feet on 3rd block and hold the L-sit
    rinse repeat
    1132 days ago
    hiit prog ression

    Mountain climber
    Hyperextension belly on floor, superman
    Push up or any plank
    3-leg dog r/l
    Hollow body on floor
    Ring rows or pull up or lat pull with negative,
    or reverse iron cross like a push up on back elbows on blocks
    L-sit rings or leg lift v-sit or dandasana

    1141 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/26/2017 1:08:47 PM
    Pullup week1 day2
    5pu, 5pu, 4pu, 5pu, 7pu
    Rest between sets and movementfix balasana-chaturanga
    it's a rocking push up/
    reps beyond my program but i planned it yesterday

    1152 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/8/2017 1:00:08 PM
    most failure has more to do with failing to meet faulty expectations

    find a way to use our expectations to motivate

    bring expectations more in line with reality

    less a goal, and more a pipe dream?

    focus on something right now and go from there

    regroup and reset goals, and then pursue

    -from The 10% Solution By Mike Kramer, Staff Writer
    1161 days ago
    max pu 6 or 7 last saturday 8-12-2017

    but definitely 6 or 7 guess i was excited?

    emoticon emoticon

    1163 days ago
    Rings! Planche! Pistol squats! Your progressive calisthenic work is impressive and inspiring. I posted a new drawing/blog entry in your honor!
    1175 days ago
    Revisit your goals. Did you set goals that were specific, with progress measurements along the way? Are you rewarding yourself for your hard work, instead of always beating yourself up. Make sure your goals are also meaningful because that helps keep you motivated when times get tough.
    - Jen Mueller, SparkPeople Blogger
    1178 days ago
    max pu 5 tonight
    1178 days ago
    pistol squat progression

    1, max effort starting at butt bottom, 2, pistol squat lifting front leg at top of rep, 3 lunges, 4, squats, 5, pistol squats holding toe

    i cannot do a butt to the floor pistol squat but this might get there

    get all down into the squat position, push squat as much as i can
    and to failure.

    i use a yoga block to sit on and push up from there. today i did not have one.
    today was 3 failure each side, but this is the expected progression. it is initial learning phase

    5 each leg best pistol squat i can but kick front leg up as i travel up. that front leg is heavy so i am learning to lift it. (and can start front foot set/raised on the block /edit)

    lunges on each leg


    pistol squats holding toe or foot, best form possible. go as low as i can. i did 5 left side and 3 right side. i try for 5. they felt good. i get to around 90 degrees or halfway...almost halfway

    1183 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/12/2017 1:48:46 PM
    pull up progression week -2
    2 pu, 1 pu, 1 pu, 2 pu, 1 negative pu
    120sec rest but i jump rope instead

    plan twentypullups.com/intitial-test

    edit: page is closed, and it was pretty old i guess

    edit 2 page is up again!
    1189 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/12/2017 11:15:47 AM
    20 pushup max, 5 spiderman pu back hand to rear L/R, 10 wide pu, 7 + 3 pike pu, 3 hands to rear + 3 fist planche-style pu; 30seconds-3min rest/set.

    56 total on fairly weak 20 max.

    been out of it with a virus from the swimming hole that stuck for 3 weeks

    actually from my journal it was 2 more sets so 76 total! yay. 1 set side-to-side and 1 set close/diamond. dunno how i forgot that
    1190 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/1/2017 8:24:25 PM
    emoticon emoticon
    1206 days ago
    SP is amazing when we do it just like it says. Drinking the right water amount. staying away for sodas and eating right and logging it daily. For me the water and no sodas seem to have made the biggest impact. Jan 1 I started doing SP as above and I have lost 30 lbs, after 30 years of spending a lotta money trying to pay someone to discipline me to do what I already knew I should be doing.

    1211 days ago
    1211 days ago
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