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When You're About to Quit (And No I am Not!)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

I need another quick go to for when I am feeling discouraged and down and out. Acquiring healthy habits takes so much time energy and effort. What is the alternative?

1. My skin glows from the fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. Do I really want to give this up and go back to dull blotchy skin?
2. At my highest weight of 241pounds I had no energy to do anything. Buying clothes was stressful. Nothing fit and the selections were so limited. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I did not think as well as I do now at a much lower weight. Now at 188 pounds I am beginning to wear clothes in misses sizes. (I have lost and not found 25 pounds with SPARKPEOPLE and I lost previously with a commercial diet program.) Do I really want to give this up?
3. I think with clarity. I realize that high fat foods and excess sugar do not help me think logically and with clarity. These foods do not help me have a positive and optimistic outlook on life. In fact they do the opposite: pessimism and negativity are the lens through which I view the world after eating these foods in excess or having a steady diet of them. Do I really want to go back to this?
4. At my highest weight I did not exercise and had no desire to move my body. It was too much of an exertion. Now I feel so empowered by physical activity. I can't believe all I am capable of doing. I love the high I get after engaging in physical activity. Physical activity helps me think better and lose inches! Do I really want to give all of this up?
5. Right now I do not have high cholesterol or type II diabetes. Weight gain will increase the likelihood that high cholesterol and type II diabetes are heading my way. Do I really want these?
6. I really love my life. Do I want to shorten it with an increased risk of heart disease, cancer and other debilitating diseases?
7. I want a healthy retirement. Preparation for that retirement is not just financial. It is physical too. Weight loss and a healthy lifestyle will help me have a healthy retirement. Right now I have a choice. The time is coming where I won't have a choice. What choice will I make now?
8. Weight loss makes me look younger. Do I really want to add years to my appearance with excess weight?
9. I recently had total knee replacement surgery. I need to take of this knee. My other knee has osteoarthritis. Excess pounds leads to inflammation, pain and more stress on the joints. Do I really want any of these?
10. Don't get discouraged. Think of all that I have accomplished and how good I feel. This list is not complete. I am sure I will add to it as my healthy lifestyle journey continues. It worth the effort and time I put into it? The answer is "yes"!

Thanks for reading and hope this helps someone else too!
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