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August 1: Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- Whew -- made it through surgery

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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Happy Tuesday!

Highlights include:

* Yesterday was day 170 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak
* Today is day 109 of 114 (95%) blogging for this challenge (details below)

Whew, I'm too wiped out today to do justice to giving you a preview of the new partner, so will get good sleep and do that tomorrow.

We had to be at the hospital at 7am for a 10am surgery today for our son. Here's what I shared with our CTO after the surgery (he had a spiral fracture in 2 places in his tibia -- spiral fractures are not good -- more complex and longer to heal than regular fractures -- plus a small fracture in his ankle that needed surgery):
I got to see how surgeons are a bit like engineers today

Yeah? Go ok?

Pretty good it seems -- ended up being more complex than he thought — he came out about 30 minutes after his expectation and said, "what I wanted to do didn't work" (which makes your heart sink)… then he said, "next I wanted to try a big clamp, but that wouldn't work either -- so then I decided to insert a certain type of pin that would pull the pieces of the bone back together (added more details) -- and that worked."

And like an engineer he seemed to relish the challenge :)

We had a comforting moment when an anesthesiologist visited us before the surgery and told us that several years ago he broke his femur in 7 places in a mountain biking accident and called our doctor on his off day and asked him to come do the surgery. The doc did it and now he’s still riding the bike. It was a funny coincidence that this guy’s nickname is “sparky"!

I hope you had a good day! I'm off to get 10 minute of fitness which will be a nice stress reliever today.

Here is the link to the team if you haven't joined yet (we're over 1,200 members!):

Here is the button to press. Each time you press the button, the number of total presses will increase by one as a way to show that we're all part of something bigger -- a community of people reaching goals together!

Below is overview information for the challenge:

If you haven't seen this yet, here is the original announcement for this challenge:

And here is the link to the SparkPeople Fuel for Improvement System Overview that lists all of the current lessons and activities:

In addition to pressing the button, if you like posting comments, feel free to make a comment in each blog. I love seeing all the comments on the first blog with people saying "I commit to.......". Also feel free to post/track any of those goals to the community goals feed if you'd like.

Come back and push the button as many times during the day as you'd like to re-affirm your commitment -- like if you are wavering on making a healthy vs. unhealthy choice or just need a little extra push. All you need to do is refresh the page and the button will also refresh. Remember to subscribe to my blog if you would like to get an email alert right when I publish.

The button will remain on my blogs for now, but we might move it to a more prominent location at some point.

I am committed to a couple of goal right now:
1) Getting this challenge launched. I think this could be a lot of fun and a big way to help people, so I will work on this almost every day at least some.
2) I'm working to build the fitness level for my kids in various ways that I'll share more about on future blogs.
3) A commitment to keep my 10+ fitness minutes streak going.

SparkCheers and thanks for your support!

Chris (SparkGuy)
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