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Small Goals Commitment Challenge -- New Partner: Watch Out And AIM HIGH!

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Saturday, August 05, 2017

This lesson is from the Fire Cornerstone. As a reminder:

Fire Cornerstone – Live with Passion, Energy & A sense of Adventure
Most people set goals and then forget them. This cornerstone is designed to keep you motivated with passion and fire as you reach goals.

Note: I originally wrote this as a daily blog, but am elevating it to a lesson/activity for this challenge because Homer's story, books, and movie are all so motivational.

Hi SparkFriends!

Highlights include:
* Yesterday was day 174 of my 10+ fitness minutes streak
* Today is day 111 of 118 (94%) blogging for this challenge (details below)

Hi SparkFriends

I'm happy to announce an amazing new partner today!

Here is the story behind this announcement:

A couple of years ago, I wrote a weekly SparkGuy email about showing the movie "October Sky" to my kids. I talked about how this was one of my favorite all-time inspirational movies and I was excited about sharing this inspiration with my kids and with our members.

If you haven't seen this movie, it's based on a true story about the life of Homer Hickam and his friends called the Rocket Boys. They were a group of kids in a poor coal-mining town in West Virginia named Coalwood who built rockets in the 1950s as a response to Sputnik. Homer ended up defying all odds including his strong-willed father to reach his goal to become a rocket engineer for NASA. He also became a bestselling author selling nearly 1 million books including his true life stories plus a group of fiction books. He also reached many other goals in life. The movie scores a very high 7.8 on IMDB and 5 stars on Amazon:

After I sent the email, Homer's wife Linda wrote a comment on my blog thanking me for the strong recommendation. It turns out that Linda is a longtime SparkPeople member!

Recently I got in touch with Linda and Homer about the SparkEarth/SparkAmerica campaign and talked about partnering and they were very enthusiastic. It turns out we have many similar goals to continue making a big impact on the world and thought it would be fun to team up.

After talking with Linda a couple of years ago, I read 3 of the books Homer wrote about his hometown Coalwood, the setting for "Rocket Boys"/"October Sky". The name of the original book was "Rocket Boys." As is often the case, the books are even better than the movie since Homer is such a great storyteller! Homer and Linda sent a signed copy of the fourth book in the series that I will read soon. They also sent the fun photo below:

Homer and Linda coming on board is an example showing that SparkEarth/SparkAmerica is not just about health and fitness, but is also about leadership development, goal-setting, community support, and more.

This is the type of story that every adult and child should read as a way to learn to work hard to reach their goals one step at a time even when there are strong difficulties in the way. Linda says the books are rated for 8th grade and above. I showed the movie to my boys when they were in 3rd and 5th grade I believe.

I love this type of story that can authentically move people to take positive action in their own lives. And then the story remains a great motivator when times get tough because of how Homer overcame obstacles. We will integrate Homer's books and movie as recommended reading/watching plus likely do other projects together including interviews and possibly articles by Homer updating us on his projects to help people.

The story is also a great reminder of something we talk about here -- that a small group of people can do something amazing with the support of each other. This is another example showing how the SparkPeople community can make a big impact on the whole world.

These books/movie get my highest possible recommendation for anyone. If you'd like to take a look, here is where you can find the books/movie:
Rocket Boys/October Sky book: homerhickam.com/product/rocket-boys-2/
We Are Not Afraid book: homerhickam.com/product/we-are-not-afraid-trade-paperback-inspirational/
October Sky movie: www.amazon.com/October-Sky-Special-Jake-Gyllenhaal/dp/B0006FYOTC/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1501968904&sr=8-3&keywords=october+sky
Homer's Twitter page: twitter.com/homerhickam
Homer's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/HomerHickamOfficialPage/

I told them that this is a huge highlight and honor for me to have them join this campaign because of the longtime inspiration from Homer's story -- and said "hopefully rockets and sparks go well together!"

Here was their response:

You bet! Then, watch out and AIM HIGH! Linda and Homer

Let's all keep aiming high! And please join me in welcoming Homer and Linda in the comments below -- they will be looking at the comments!



Here is the link to the team if you haven't joined yet (we're over 1,200 members!):

Here is the button to press. Each time you press the button, the number of total presses will increase by one as a way to show that we're all part of something bigger -- a community of people reaching goals together!

Below is overview information for the challenge:

If you haven't seen this yet, here is the original announcement for this challenge:

And here is the link to the SparkPeople Fuel for Improvement System Overview that lists all of the current lessons and activities:

In addition to pressing the button, if you like posting comments, feel free to make a comment in each blog. I love seeing all the comments on the first blog with people saying "I commit to.......". Also feel free to post/track any of those goals to the community goals feed if you'd like.

Come back and push the button as many times during the day as you'd like to re-affirm your commitment -- like if you are wavering on making a healthy vs. unhealthy choice or just need a little extra push. All you need to do is refresh the page and the button will also refresh. Remember to subscribe to my blog if you would like to get an email alert right when I publish.

The button will remain on my blogs for now, but we might move it to a more prominent location at some point.

I am committed to a couple of goal right now:
1) Getting this challenge launched. I think this could be a lot of fun and a big way to help people, so I will work on this almost every day at least some.
2) I'm working to build the fitness level for my kids in various ways that I'll share more about on future blogs.
3) A commitment to keep my 10+ fitness minutes streak going.

SparkCheers and thanks for your support!

Chris (SparkGuy)
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