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I left but have come back Stronger!

Saturday, September 02, 2017

So I've started really in January for my weight loss journey. (Not counting the 7 years of wanting to lose weight because it was in all the wrong ways and reasons) Can I really call it a "weight loss" journey any more? It has become so much more than that these last 9 months. I've learned a lot about myself. But I won't get too much into that now. I must admit though, it's been an on and off process these nine months. It's nothing I really like to confess but honestly now, why shouldn't I? I am living and breathing proof that any progress is good progress. If you have just stumbled upon the blog and don't know me, well I'm Emily and weight loss has been a wish for mine for years. I say wish only because, you can wish something untill the cows come home but if you don't do anything about it nothing happens. I was 180 lbs in 5th grade and it spiraled from there. I can tell you about the bulling stories but they all seem to sound the same. I feel because you can't be original when trying to make people upset about their appearance. But I digress, in high school the ridicule had become so bad I became bulimic and anorexic (more true to the definition than the stereotypical look) It was a battle I had fought alone for years. I finally got help then gained weight again. Then once I was married I gained more weight. To which brings you updated to now. I have currently lost 46 lbs and 30" off my body. In retrospect, 45 lbs is about the size of a 5 year old. I literally lost the weight of another human being. It's a weird comparison but it sounds pretty cool. And 30" is about half the size of Danny DeVito. Again, weird, but listen, I lost a 5 year old and half of Danny DeVito off my body. THAT SOUNDS INSANE! No? Just me? Ok. Anyway, the whole 9 months I've felt like I was on auto pilot and felt as though what I was doing wasn't enough. I'd hit the gym for a week and stop for a week or two and repeat as the months went on. It's how I've been my whole life, so it wasn't anything new to me. I think I've subconsciously have been eating better without myself noticing (which is amazing) But it helped me get to where I am and break through the 200's. So I guess what this blog's moral is is, don't think what you are doing isn't enough. I used to wish that me getting to where I was was by grinding and working my a$$ off. Just like everyone else's stories. But in reality I haven't done much but eat healthier and work out as much as I could mentally handle. And just with that a kid and half of Danny is gone forever off my body. I'm happier and healthier and stronger and I am satisfied. I realized more people struggle with eating healthy and sticking to a fitness plan than anything so why, in a sense, lie on how my progress got there because it's how it should be and how it was for everyone else. I didn't work out 5 days a week straight for nine months and I didn't give up all of my junk foods. I'm eating a cookie right now. It clicked is that this is what I was looking for when I was discouraged about losing weight. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. It never has been. Yes, you hear things like I'm saying all the time. I think, unless I'm just a research nut. But if you are reading this right now and you don't think what you are doing is enough or it won't get you anywhere. Think again. I'm living proof that technically you can half a$$ it and still get progress. Terrible message but I'm sure someone out there like me feels this way. Just keep going and you will be amazed. Let go of the instant gratification and just do a small thing every day. You got this. I rambled and I'm glad you read this if you did. So bye!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing a different perspective. I've been struggling, but am working on making small changes (like portion control and drinking more water). It's hard not to beat ourselves up when we think we are not doing everything that we could, but it's good to remember that even those small changes will add up in the long run.
    1316 days ago
    You have such a positive attitude 🤗. Thx for sharing
    1320 days ago
    Making those small changes into habits that you do not realize you now have are the goals that will make a lifetime difference. Glad you have made progress your way and I am sure you will continue to.
    1321 days ago
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