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My Weight lost story

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

On February 18 of this year, 2017, I finally got very serious about losing weight. I knew I needed to lose weight for many reasons. I have lost and regained weight more than once. On the 17th of February I joined a weight loss contest at work. I ate like a pig on that day to the point of being sick. I actually decided to put off actually starting to lose weight until the 20th. But I woke up on the 18th and said to myself, "No, this stops now." My beginning weight was 284

12 weeks later I won the contest by losing 58 pounds.

On August 4, I weighed 194. A lost of 90 pounds.
I went on vacation gained some weight back, but got back on track as soon as vacation was over.

On September 2, this past Saturday I weighed 185. A lost of 99 pounds.

Over the Labor Day weekend I gained 5 pounds back but I have lost 3 of those pounds, so now this morning I weighed 187.

My goal is to stay in the 180s.

I did not go by a diet plan per se. I ate by what works for me.

I cut out 90 to 95 percent of bread.

I stopped binging on food (junk foods and sugar).

I went 13 weeks with no desserts. I now have desserts occasionally, but I commit to extended times without dessert, in which i turn down a lot of desserts.

I mainly eat meat and vegetables.

I eat fruit only on occasion. I am a food addict and any hint of sugar even natural sugar triggers me so I don't eat fruit daily.

I exercise one hour a day for 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday.

No, it has not been easy, but I have done very well. At my work they are always giving us free food, buying us lunches, giving us free desserts. I have never turned down so much food, in my life. I am very careful what I say yes to. If I really, really, urgently want something, I do not have it. Because that is the addict in me talking. However, if I want something to enjoy with no urgency involved I may have something. I am convinced I would weigh over 300 pounds if I had not started this weight loss journey, because of all of the free food that has been offered to me this year.

So, that's my story of weight loss so far, this year.


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