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Friday, September 22, 2017

I lost 100 pounds!

When I started my journey, I heard about cheat days! #^&&$#@! I don't believe in them and I never will. Don't ever utter that phrase to me! Don't even try to debate me! (taking a breath)

I worked my tail off to my end goal. I also learned how to eat moderately with portion control! I brought healthy food into my system. I've been maintaining for over 6 years! AND I'm the happiest, healthiest, and strongest I've ever been in my life! (Did I mention I was 67?) I want everyone to have what I have. My Wife & Granddaughter know I do it for us!

I don't deprive myself. I practice my portion control in the kitchen and out. I embrace Moderation. BUT I'm so far from perfect!
I'm training to do the Marine Corps Marathon and just 36 hoours before an 18 mile training run, I slipped and had an extra Moscow Mule (1/2 oz. lime juice, 2 oz. vodka, 6 oz. ginger beer) or two which required maximum hydration to flush out poison! (I had a personal best 18 miles. beating my old PR by 9 minutes!) It was a close call I won't forget!

So, I'm out with friends post run, and I'm being led to a trough of food & drink! It could lead to an afternoon of gluttony! (The Big Binge!) What do I do? I drink unsweetened iced tea, with a splash of lemonade, or water with a slice of lemon. I look for healthiest veggies & fruits to start and seek out a good protein for my marathon training self. I had a measured quarter of a waffle with a tbsp of maple syrup. I just burned 2295 calories on the run and, refueling, my healthy meal should only have half those calories I burned! Oh, I also had 2 Mimosas! I love Orange Juice too!
I actually did this on Sunday after that 18 miler at a Sunday Brunch!

What I'm saying is this. Don't deprive yourself of a little special pleasure. Just insure you practice portion control and moderation. I have a healthier snack early every night. It could be a serving of Halo Top Birthday Cake Ice Cream, (2 oz) or a Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bar (1 pack) with 4 oz of 1% Milk. (I love my milk) Because I know I'm going to reward myself with that snack, I try to be a good boy throughout the day.

One last thought. I've worked hard to achieve goals. I work everyday to maintain. I don't want to throw away that hard work! (actually I've embraced it to the point where I love to train and live healthy!) I know what damage a binge can do. I'll end this rant, ooops, blog with a little reading assignment!


This next article doesn't speak to any disorder! I highly recommend you see a physician for referrals on that account! Don't wait! But keep it in your mind of what you can do for damage control.


Much Love,
Monty & The Boys!

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