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The wild critters are on the move----inside!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

This blog is very late being posted--
You see, when son#3 carried up the pump which sits beside the lake, and carried it inside, there were mice inside the pump---unbeknown to us!-

In fact, there was a nest of mice in it---and it wasn't discovered until I'm sure those mice multiplied --and then those mice multiplied too---

The pump was carried to our basement fruit cellar, which is under the sunroom---(This is definitely NOT a pleasant story)-
Now for the past couple of weeks, our sunroom hasn't smelled too fresh----
In fact, Ive been telling himself that it smelled like a dead mouse---

We found 5 dead critters in the fruit cellar----and Heaven knows, how many more are waiting to be trapped---
Everything had to be taken out of that fruit cellar---and discarded-

Himself checks "our trap line" now twice a day----(I remind him!)---
And I have made countless trips to the dumpster up the highway--which is where I was all morning-

You really never know what surprises you carry in this time of year---
Critters want to move in where its warm---
No wonder Sushi won't leave the upstairs level eh?-
--Now that she has tasted the good life, wee critters just don't seem to interest her!

Lord love a Duck!---I know for a fact, that Queen Elizabeth would NEVER have to clean up after -----mice----
And these aren't the singing kind that Cinderella had sewing her dress when they sang BIBBITY BOBBITY BOO in that movie---
Oh, the joys of living in the country----
I know one thing tho----
I shall never carry stuff inside the house again without checking its insides for pesky whatever!
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