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418.53 TO GO!!!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Me, my honey & our youngest son. MAN we are getting old! emoticon Better than the alternative! Read on Facebook earlier today, 'health is just the slowest way to die!' YIKES, crass yet true! An alternative would be it is the least painful way to live until your expiration date!!!

So, as you can see, my sweet honey met up with me at the lake yet again and walked some miles with me. Also had our teen to the dr., he's 19 now so he can go on in alone for his check up- I decided to walk while he was in there, just around the parking lot. He was in there over an hour so I got to walk all that while racking up over 2.5 miles. Which was amazing to think of the productivity lost in waiting rooms.

Also, one of my sons in his mid 20's called and chatted with me that all that while, so it made the walk all that much better.

So, since September 14th when I started to make walking a priority I have racked up 87.47 miles. Not bad! It is working to create the habit, I am getting stronger & my knees are especially benefiting from this. No regrets, even if I don't meet the miles by New Years!!

Aim for the moon, land amongst the stars!

Walk a mile for me this weekend! Enjoy this beautiful weather!!!

Love & Blessings,
emoticon ~Christinaloves
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