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Sunday, October 22, 2017

It has been a long time since I posted. I've been going through colorectal cancer stage 3b this year. This has included chemo, radiation, surgery, and more chemo which my body couldn't tolerate. Ended up so dehydrated from vomit and diarrhea that my kidneys shut down and I've just spent 21 days in the hospital. I'm very very lucky though, because only two Dialysis treatments seemed to fix it! In the hospital I also had Thrush in the throat so I couldn't talk and hardly swallow, and then stomach flu, and finally two blood clots in my right arm. I got out on 10/18 and I'm feeling better each day, thank goodness! But I have lost all core strength and I can't do stairs.. I'm essentially trapped in my mom's house with five steps to get in or out.. Until physical therapy comes to help me. I am feeling stronger each day, though, so this is good. In the end of June when I had my colorectal surgery, I weighed 283 lbs. After that I had no appetite and my stomach shrunk a lot. Now I am am 222. This is not at all the best way to lose weight! But it is a perk. A lot of people going through cancer and chemo lose a lot of weight and them gain it right back. I do not intend to do that! I'm already at a lower weight than I've been in ages! So now I'm tracking food and returning for the support that is so good here. I want to be healthy!
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