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True story

Sunday, December 03, 2017

We are going to attempt writing this blog again. It's a beautiful Saturday with the family. After Friday's trail riding with F my entire muscle group is on strike from carrying my butt around. But none the less it's shop time with my little buddy! I love to teach F the names of components on shop tools. He soaks up every piece of information and then imitates using the tool. He has been well versed in safety equipment along with many other rules in life. He isn't tall enough to reach the mobile work table I built shortly after moving into our new home. So I decided to repurpose a night stand table and for the first time ever build a set of stairs to attach to the stand. So F can work the drill press with daddy's supervision of course! I walked out to the carport to fetch a strap so I could draw up the stairs and make a tight connection. I wasn't out of the shop for more than 3 minutes. When I walked back in the shop F says I need to show you something. So I follow and observe. His story goes like this... Mittens, Molly and Oreo walked in the shop and then I found this. (Points to a huge wet spot on the floor.) I'm kinda shocked at his story. So I ask to hear it 2 more times. Story never changes so I take a pic and texted the wife to come out to the shop. Wife enters and starts questioning the witness. It's not really adding up to her. Me on the other hand has been sold on most of it. Wife says, "go sit on the golf cart and get real comfortable." We both tell him he's not in trouble but to tell the truth. So he says, "ok here's the whole truth." Further interrogation and she cracks F. She says I think you peed over there. He just stares and slowly turns his head to the left. Now I've always heard people who lie look to the left after lieing, lol! Maybe it's true. He finally admits he waited too long to use the bathroom. I think he was scared to go outside in the dark to pee. Anyways he had to fetch the 409 cleaner and clean up his mess. Y'all he could have peed anywhere! He chose to pee right on the weed eater! 🤣 I love this kid! That has to be the best little big boy lie yet! Nothing like throwing the gang of kitties under the bus!
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