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Sunday, January 07, 2018

I've been inspired by CLAIREINPARIS to make an 18 things to do in 2018 list. Here we go.

1. Finally get my office refinished. I've been putting it off too long, and there's a great deal of clearing to do. Everything needs to come out, the walls need to be painted and new flooring needs to go down. The clearing will be a slow drip and the paint and floor will be taken care of this summer.

2. Bring back my daily yoga practice. I'm already working on this one, but it will take a great deal of attention and nurturing over the next couple of months.

3. Focus on the virtue of Serenity. Each year I make a random virtues pick, and this is it.

4. Put in the shade garden I've been meaning to do for years. I have some great ground cover in places, but I would like to see the space full and thriving.

5. Read 18 books.

6. Get to the Rockies 4 times. The Lake Louise Ice Festival will be my first visit next week.

7. Crochet something for myself...a kimono cardigan!

8. I work in child care, so I will add a new Halloween costume to my repertoire. Truthfully, I'm tired of the 4 that I've been rotating for years.

9. Go some where hot this fall. It's been a challenging couple of years in our province and in our household. However 2108 is looking up, and we both deserve some much needed time on a beach.

10. I will grow my consulting business. It's time to rethink the work I'm doing right now. I really enjoy the consulting I do on the side, so it's time to put more of my time into it because it brings me so much happiness.

11. I walk daily, and always say I'm going to take my DSLR camera.This year, I'm taking it with me once a week.

12. It's time to deal with my craft supply. Needlepoint, scrapbooking etc... are all taking up too much room. I will sell or re-home my supply.

13. It's been years, but I need to find an archery club. I'm pretty good, but out of practice!

14. I'm going to take a trip to Canada's Dead Sea, in Saskatchewan!

15. Booked a stay in a caboose cabin. It's not too far from home, and we can pick up all of our bedding plants to take home the next day!

16. Going to stay in a yurt this spring!

17. I've always wanted to visit wolves so I'm going to a wolf sanctuary.

18. And finally...I will be at my goal weight on December 1, 2018.
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