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Wash Your Face

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I told a friend of mine recently that I know my healthy lifestyle is about to go off the rails when I don't wash my face at night. She kind of laughed.....but it's true. It's my red, warning flag waving in the wind and trying to catch my attention. It's saying "Hold on. Something is wrong." Sound silly? Maybe. But for me when I stop taking care of myself the rest falls apart. Once I get to the place where it's not important to wash my face at night then other things start slipping too. I don't make my step goal one day, I skip packing my lunch, I mindlessly eat a whole bag of chips or drink an entire bottle of wine. I succumb to the stressors - I'm overwhelmed at work, the housework is piling up, my calendar is full of overdue/missed projects and appointments.....the list goes on and on. Things are out of control and I have deemed taking care of myself as unimportant and a last priority. Everyone and everything else deserves my time and my energy. But somehow I do not.

The term self-care seems so simple. We care for others so why shouldn't we care for ourselves? The complexity is that self-care is tangled up in how we view ourselves, the value and worth we place on ourselves and in how we love or don't love ourselves. Not as simple as originally thought right?

The good thing however, is that the more little things we add in to our daily routines to take care of ourselves the more value, worth and love we add as well. So take a bubble bath, go for a walk, finish that book you've been reading for 6 months....heck sleep in til 9. Do what makes you happy. You are worth the investment.

I'm not sure if this resonates with anyone else but if it does my challenge to you would be to wash your face. Every single night. Wash your face.

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