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Jan 29- What a Month!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Greetings All!

I am glad to be among the living and back on SparkPeople!

I have been having trouble with my blood pressure for about 5 months, no matter what adjustment was made to the medication it would average 160/110 in the morning. Well 2 weeks ago I woke up at 4 am and couldn't swallow. My mouth was swollen so much I couldn't close it. So I did what anyone would do. I drove myself to the Emergency Room and they admitted me to ICU! I had an allergic reaction to Lisinopril, a medication I have been taking for over 10 years. The first question they asked me at the hospital was if I was taking Lisinopril, and when I shook my head yes ( I couldn't speak), they told me Lisinopril was the poster child for this type of reaction. Basically it was a case of SUPER HIVES!

Other than knocking the stuffing out of me for a few days, all systems are settling down and my BP with medication is reading 145/80- still a bit high for my Drs liking, but certainly within acceptable range.

I am enjoying the water classes at the Wellness Center. I just started back today I completed physical therapy earlier in January, and although I am not fast I am able to ambulate up and down stairs now. WHOO HOO!

Life with children is still interesting. We have had snow days, flu and various colds and the weather here has been frigid. I told my daughter that my classes are essential and I will not be available during those times. So if the kids need to go somewhere, it will be before or after my exercise times. This is my "put on your mask" thing.

I took the twins to the Kaneko art exhibit this past weekend. If you have been around 9 year old boys, you know the conversations center around poo, pee and football- LOL They had a really great time and enjoyed it. Chase noted that the museum hosts birthday parties. The main exhibit was on light. Mr Kaneko came from China many years ago and is a world class artist. So there is hope! LOL

I am still making my little room my own. I have a new mattress, a beautiful recliner that I "found" on LetGo. Little by little, the drip method works in many areas. I am searching the internet for used RV's. I think in three years I would like to winter in AZ and then spend summers here with the kids. They will be old enough by then not to need as much supervision. In the meantime, my daughter has started looking for houses in smaller towns around Omaha.

The end of December, my Granddaughter was assaulted at the high school, and it has shaken her to her core. I agree a small town is a much better place to raise children. You know your neighbors and the kids have a village looking after them. Me, I am looking forward to having a bathroom on the same level as the bedroom. Right now I have the "den" and converted it into a bedroom. Miss M, the Granddaughter shows her Mom new houses that meet the criteria every day- so far they have looked at two. I don't think they will find something right away but it is fun to hear the kids opinions on them.

I don't have good reports on my food or exercise, not bad reports either, but sort of ho- hum. I am a member of Deserted Desert Tortoises, and love the support and encouragement and ideas from my team members. I won't bore you with the details of my nutritional plan. It is a good plan, I just need to stay between the lines and stay on it.

Going to a hair appointment, so I will post more later. Time to step up my A Game. Wardrobe improvement, hair etc. I am tired of looking like a frumpy Granny- LOL

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad you are getting better after your allergic reaction!
    1057 days ago
    HIVES...yikes! I'm glad you got that taken care of Sunny! Yes...5 grandkids would keep me jumping to be sure! You are a brave soul and I'm sure your daughter appreciates you so much. Those grandchildren are REALLY lucky to have a go~go KOOL granny like you! emoticon
    1088 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have been taking lisinopril for years as well, but have never had any reactions. Thank you for sharing that:I will take care and monitor things more closely.
    1114 days ago
    Oh goodness, sorry to hear about the ER visit. Scary! So glad you are OK!! I learned something from you in case anyone I know goes on BP meds. I was so sad to read about your granddaughter. Was she hit by someone? Are their consequences for the aggressor? Hope the hair appointment went well and hope you are continuing to be good to yourself. Your grandkids, daughter, etc are so fortunate to have you there. I get the sense you are such a giving person, but I hope you don't do it to the point of exhaustion. Take care!
    1123 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/6/2018 12:53:31 PM
    I was on Lisinopril too. I am so glad that you didn't pass out while driving or panic and wreck.

    I hope your granddaughter will do better at a new house. There just is no guarantee about things. We had a shooting just half a block from our house, two injured in a drive-by.

    I am tired of looking frumpy, but I seem to get clothes that bag on me and I haven't found a good hair cut. Your blogs encourage me to keep trying to make my life better for myself.

    Your daughter and grandchildren are so fortunate to have you there!
    1124 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Ugh, I didn’t like that lisinopril when I had to try it, it immediately gave me a nagging cough that would not go away and was in no way associated with being sick. I couldn’t imagine coughing everyday for the rest of my life and made the doctor change it. Had I known it could just as easily done the same thing as what happened to you I wouldn’t have taken it at all. That was scary and I can’t imagine what you went through just getting to the hospital. It’s so hard that your granddaughter had to experience such a frightful thing, I don’t blame you all for wanting to get away from it. I hope that works out well. I like your RV plans, makes me daydream too.
    1127 days ago
    Wow, Sunny - I'm glad you're ok! What a relief that it was an easy fix to recover from the allergic reaction. When I first read of your daughter's plans, all I could think was, "oh, gee, Sunny is going to have to move AGAIN!" At least it will put the kids in a better environment, and everyone seems to think this is a positive change. I hope all goes well. Sending big hugs to you all!
    1130 days ago
    Wow. I just thought the kids had you busy. That was quite a reaction. You must be Superwoman to have driven yourself. Glad you are better now. If this is not uncommon, I bet there will be a class action lawsuit down the road.

    Your poor granddaughter. Sending prayers for peace for her troubled heart.

    1130 days ago
    Oh man, that episode with the allergic reaction sounds horrific, but it sounds as if you reacted quite calmly and coolly drove yourself to the emergency room despite not being able to swallow or close your mouth. Talk about not panicking! Sunny, I am impressed! I'm glad you encountered experienced staff and got immediate relief.

    And what a bunch of other adventures you've had--snow days, colds and flu, art exhibits, furniture acquisition. So sorry your granddaughter was assaulted! That sounds very traumatic. I hope she is recovering well and can find a safer living and school environment. That must have been so hard for your whole family.

    Good luck in 2018! It's already almost February, and I'm just getting started. We can DO this!
    1130 days ago
    HMMMMMMMMmmmmmm......staying between the lines???? HOW do you do that while contending with medication issues, allergic reactions, children's schedules, your own classes, and all that you do. You are will on your way to being Super Woman and I think you will be officially there if you can continue to handle everything expected and unexpected coming at you and all the while stay between the lines.
    So glad you are still among the living! Take care!

    Sounds like you have a plan though and (if I were a betting woman) I put my money on you!!
    1130 days ago
    Holy cow on the Lisinopril! I WAS ON THAT, TOO! Fortunately ot for long. Lord!
    1130 days ago
    I saw some of your health scar on FB! So glad you are ok!
    1130 days ago

    1130 days ago
    So glad you are okay, after a scare like that.

    And please tell your daughter or granddaughter to look in Blair. Son2 and DIL were in Omaha, and they bought a home in Blair 2 years ago, and absolutely love it. DIL works in OMAHA and doesn't mine the little drive at all, just long enough to be all relaxed when she get home. And also maybe we could meet sometime. lol
    1131 days ago
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