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Week 2 of 25

Saturday, February 03, 2018

OK, well, this week was awful!

I have new roommates, and they overflowed and clogged the only toilet we have all week, making it unusable, and causing damage. It has been soooo stressful! This is why being a landlord often costs more money that it makes. And can be way more hassle and stress than it's worth, because I have had no access to a bathroom all week.

I also got a terrible eye infection in both my eyes, related to the disease, and a fever... for a while there I was worried about permanent damage, but thankfully they are much better now! But my body is so tired, and I feel like a truck hit me, and then decided to back over me a second time.

But, I am still, despite distractions and setbacks, committed to making this life a better one in 25 weeks. And I should be making more money this week, so if so at least then I will feel a little less stressed because that will cover some of the new bills I have.

I did at least lose the 1lb I gained last week. But that was it. So I'm right back where I started, which is frustrating because I am still 8 lbs more than I was at my least a few months ago, and I haven't done anything different to gain all that weight, just had medical problems that I have no control over. Hopefully next week, I can report at least 1 new lb lost.

This week because of all the chaos and demands on my time and energy, I did not hit all my goals. But, I did manage to do yoga twice (down from 3 times last week), which was very necessary because my body is so rigid and full of pain, doing it is almost impossible and usually makes me cry, but then when I'm done my circulation is a lot better and the pain is a lot less. So I have to keep at it. I'm aiming again this coming week to do it 4 times. Eventually, I'm really going to need to work up to and stick to 6 or 7 times a week, because it does seem to help a lot with the illness, but is super hard to do right now without a physical therapist helping me.

I installed 2 new locks on doors that have needed it for a while, so that eased my mind over something that has stressed me out for a few years. It wasn't a lot of aerobic or anaerobic activity, but it was hard for me because I had to use a lot of energy to drill them in over my head on a day I could barely stand up, so I'll count that as a victory anyway. And at least I didn't drill a hole in my head! :)

I also managed to do 2 full hours of very hard digging in the yard, related to repairs from the storm. So that was exhausting, but I feel better that at least that part is done. I will probably take a break from digging this week, unless I suddenly feel a lot better than I do currently.

I was hoping to increase to doing yoga 2 times this week for 20 minutes, but I only managed to hold steady at doing it once, just like last week. I think that was a lot better than nothing. And my abs were still sore for a few days afterword, so at least it's still doing something, and is not too easy for me yet. Still hanging in there at 2 visible abs... hoping to see 4 or 6 once again someday! My legs are looking good from the hula, so that's nice, since I can't walk very much still. It's giving basically the same benefits of jogging, without the jogging.

I was only able to do pushups twice this week, but was able to increase from 5 to 7 of them. I can do 10, but not without my eyes feeling like they're popping out of my head. So hopefully I will increase over the next few weeks to be able to do 10 with no problem, and none of the extreme pressure in my head. But between the hours of digging, and the pushups, I am able to see a little bit more muscle definition in my arms, which is most welcomed!

I also added doing 5 lunges on each leg, twice this week. That is a great improvement for me, because I know from the past that lunges do an amazing job on my butt more than anything else I've ever done, but where once I could easily do 20 or 30 at a time on each side even a few years ago post-illness, now just starting out at 5 caused intense pain in my hips all week. But I hope to keep doing them, or even increase to 10 on each side if I feel like I can without too much joint pain.

At the end of this week I have a stressful presentation to give, so I'm going to have to spend a lot of time in bed before then trying to recover my energy, and then working on my laptop to prepare. But, hopefully I will still be able to make some new improvements this coming week, and if I'm lucky also see another lb of weight loss so I can get started in getting to where I want to be, at my final goal range 6 months from now (or hopefully at least close to it!). I hate that I don't have anything flattering to wear to this event, and wish I could have been on track at expected continued weight loss before all this storm disaster stuff happened, which would have been some 10-15 lbs less than what I am now. But things happen, and it's better that I keep going and not dwell too much on it.

This week I didn't get to go kayaking at all, so hopefully I can go at least once, if not more than that, in the coming week! I need at least ONE thing that is enjoyable!!
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