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WOW- gave myself a kick

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Hubby has a client today (normally he doesn't work on Saturdays but this one was a special exception). So I'm looking for something to do for around an hour. I was going to listen to some music on YouTube and play some majong. I know - how exciting!

I starting listening to Shatter Me (more on this song upcoming). I found myself rocking back and forth with tears coming out of my eyes! I started to chalk it up to just how much I love the song when I remembered a blog I started YEARS ago at the request of a friend. I blogged on music and other things I found "inspirational". It took me a bit to find it on Word Press.

2012 was my last blog!! And I reread some of the blogs. No only were they good (if I do say so myself) but they were NOT written by the current me. The ME that wrote those blogs might have been younger but she was so much more alive. Confident. A bit brash, but really LOVED who she was.

I realized that was why I was crying listening to Shatter me. I've lost all of that in the last 3 or 4 years. It was slow and I didn't realize how much power I've given away. What the H-E double hockey sticks is wrong with me.

And ya know what, that girl is still here. She's a bit older, a lot fatter, and way more stressed out, but she is still here. She is still a fighter, a scrapper, and a be-ocht! You call a b*tch like it's a bad thing! Well, you know what that Daughter of Darkness needs to step back up and take charge.

I would like to say I'd going back to daily blogs but I know I won't. I can promise 1 or 2 a week. I also can't always promise that the blogs will be here. I love this site and the people here are the best in the word. However, remember those comments in the previous paragraph. I can't really be me if I'm censored.

So I'm going back to my Kick In the Aspirations blog on Wordpress. I may double post here on occasions (when I know I'm clean and rated G). I will also try to post a link to some of the ones that might not be "Spark Appropriate" but that I think you all could like. Just be warned - language is NOT monitored on my other site. This is about getting back to me.

The site is https://kickintheaspiration.wo
rdpress.com or kickintheaspiration.wordpress.
com I can never remember how to enter it. Get a green girl and a blog from today and you are in the right spot. Follow me - cool Don't follow, that's cool too.
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