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Sunday, February 11, 2018

I weighed my self today and the last two Sundays that I weighed my self I lost. First Sunday I lost 4 pounds second Sunday I lost 3 pounds. Today I found last weeks 3 pounds. I started thinking about what went wrong. Well first of all I realized I slacked on my water consumption. so I might have ate more even though most days i still had calories I could eat. But did I eat the right foods every meal. No. So this could have contributed to my 3 pounds. Did I exercise? Yes I exercised more this week than the last 2 weeks together! So why the gain. Well, I think the reason I gained was, it was muscle. Some of that fat is going away and muscle is coming back. Muscle weighs more that fat! I feel good, my clothes are fitting better. So those 3 pounds I am NOT going to let them get me down! And If anybody ready this has those same 3 pounds don't let it stop you don't let it make you feel like a failure! There are a lot of different ways to see your losses and also to see that gains sometimes are not bad things!
I read an article today about your never to big to workout! And Yes I do agree with this. I am very out of shape I was in good shape, (maybe not the best I could be) but in good shape about 3 years ago. Then I let it all go, I ate what I wanted when I wanted I didn't exercise, watched TV all the time or was on my computer all the time. To walk far left me breathless! I started exercising this year and I am not going to lie, it's been tough! I don't move as good or bend as well as I used to, I get out of breath easily. I've thought about giving up because I am too out of shape to do this! Then I thought, Hey! You have done this before you can do it now, just think how you would be feeling if you hadn't stopped 3 years ago, think about where you would be! So I kicked myself in the butt and said I am going to do this and in 3 years, 6 years, 10 years and even 30 years I can look back and say Thank God for not letting me quit this time and kept me going! I CAN AND I WILL DO THIS! I may have to modify some of the moves but at least I am moving! I am trying! So to everyone out there lets do this! We may not be the best at this but at least we are going to give it our best and we will eventully after a lot of hard work we will make it!!!
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