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Checking back in

Saturday, February 17, 2018

My doctor has given me new orders. Different from the old orders. 6 small meals. Hey that's just what the Sparkpeople recommend so here I am back here. I am doing okay logging my food and keeping in the calorie limits set I'm having aches and pains in my joints and that's un good. I am happy that the six meals thing feels doable. I am almost used to it.

My goal for me is to have some go to easy meals that are soft and small. I would not be able to keep calories up if I was low fat too so I am sure he will be unhappy about that. But my calories are right and my carbs are reasonable and I am mostly full all day. I have to keep my mind open to not eating the sad diet. If this solves the nausea I guess my body is really making me do this. I will check my weight in a week. If the pain lets me go I will walk. I am moving better already and my stomach is liking it better. It works for my head too, I eat all the time. I hope it helps me get smaller eventually too.

I'm so grateful that sparkpeople is here. I tell everyone about it. I think these tools are so aweome and I hope to continue. Wish me luck

Emma Smart
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