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Week 5 of 25 - Ow!

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Ok, gearing up the strength to write this. Please, someone just kill me. Ouch, the pain.

So, this is Week 5. And miraculously, I did lose 2lbs this week, which is a very big deal for me. But wow, I am so tired, and I am in pain all over.

So here are the stats:

First, I found a video about something called "colonic massage," by someone who seems like a very nice and fairly trustworthy woman, and must say, I think this did help me. I am so careful about my diet, and about trying to move whenever I can, but since my disease does cause very slow metabolism and a lot of stomach pain, I just try to never touch my stomach ever. Any time a doctor has to touch around there, I howl with pain, because my kidneys, my intestines, everything in there is always so inflamed. But the same way that yoga massages the muscles/joints and helps circulation to lower inflammation, it never occurred to me that actually braving touching that area, working through the pain to massage it regularly to help stimulate blood flow, might actually help it! And that some of the weight problems, might actually be related to blockages of some sort because I'm ill, than anything I'm doing wrong. So, yes, this may be an uncomfortable topic, but wow, I so recommend checking out this lady's videos, because it seems she knows how to help with a host of intestinal problems, baby's colic, maybe even help prevent disease. It's like yoga for the insides, lol! And since yoga very much works for me, I would say it makes sense to me that this would work too:
I encourage you to watch the intro too and not skip it, because for me it was important to realize there are a lot of scenarios you may want to use this in that you never thought of, for various types of problems. It might work for illness, for weight loss, for various ages, etc. It did hurt like a mofo the first time I tried it, but I am learning over time what feels normal and what doesn't for my body, and every day it seems like the pain in my stomach when I touch it is getting less! Awesome news, after almost a decade of trying to avoid touching it.

OK, so otherwise, this week I failed to meet my goal of kayaking at lease once a week. Hopefully, next week.

I did however, maintain yoga at 3 times a week. I really hope to increase to at least 4 in future, because I need it to keep pain and stiffness down, which are really bad on days like today when I can barely type, let alone walk.

This week I increased hula hooping up to a whopping 5 times a week, up from twice a week before. It has me feeling like I am dying currently, but my muscles look already noticeably better, and without a doubt it works to help me lose weight, because it is as high intensity as running, but without the need to run. I wish I had realized this years ago, and just hula hooped to stay in amazing shape my whole life, rather than torturing myself running back in the day when I was healthy, even though my feet have high arches and are not built for long-distance running, but are only good for sprinting. I used to hula hoop for an hour in front of the TV sometimes after work years ago, but I never really took it seriously as an exercise. I should have. Especially popping music on and combining it with dance, makes it easy for me to stick to, and build muscles in the places I want them. I saw online that people have all this fancy stuff with weights and all that, but I don't see so far that this is even necessary. It's more about the ability to control the muscle you want to isolate, and keeping your heart rate up by throwing your balance off a bit, I think than trying to do crazy tricks with any fancy equipment or special routines. But, that's me.

I recorded myself doing it yesterday for the first time ever, and I must say, I was blown away. You couldn't tell I was sick at all when I was doing it - I looked so healthy and in shape! And my abs were SICK! Who knew? Sure, I went right back to laying in bed after I finally stopped sweating and gasping for air, but I really need to stick to doing this 5 times a week, as much as possible. I'd like to check back in with myself in a month from now, and see how I'm doing. I would bet, even at only 20 min per day, that I will look like I'm in significantly better shape by then. Even IF I don't lose any actual weight. I notice it makes my whole body look more muscular, te next day my face always looks thinner, etc. Who knew? What a simple, cheap thing. Hope I'm doing it when I'm in my 90s... maybe it will help build my hip bones so I don't break a hip!

I did 10 pushups again, only the one day. Too tired to try to work on that more, yet. I did 30 thigh squats twice, up from once last week. I also increased lunges way up from 10, to 25, twice. That was tough and another reason I'm very sore, because of my hip problems and stuff, but I figured it's important to do because it works great on my butt and all that, and those areas really need more muscle from having to lie down so much. I also did 30 calf raises twice, 10 back leg kicks once, and 100 open and vertical scissor kicks while I was lying down on two different days,to work on my inner thigh muscles. All of those were new, that I did not have last week.

If I'm very lucky, I'll do another 5 hula hoop sessions this week, at least 4 times of yoga, and hopefully lose another 2lbs, which would put me finally back in normal weight for my height again. I really want to lose 10 lbs from where I am today, which would make me soooo thrilled because I have not been there in a really long time. And then, another 4-5lbs would put me at a weight I know looks decent on me, where I would not be mistaken as fat even though I am curvy. And then, if I lose 10 lbs from there, that was roughly my goal weight, which would still be within "average" and be healthy. By then, I should be able to do a lot of stuff physically that I can't do now. And if I made it that far, I would also no longer ever worry what I'm wearing and how it looks or fits, but just wear whatever I want to wear for however it is practical for me. I can wear very little when it is very hot, I can wear more if I feel cold, and I never have to worry about what's flattering anymore or what looks "appropriate for my weight" anymore, which would be awesome. Plus I'll be able to wear old clothes that I miss. And buy small cheap clothes a lot easier whenever I need something new, which financially is really important. And I can finally dress in my own actual style, and not the stupid, ugly, boring clothes they make for larger women. Will be great, if I can get there.
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    You really are making progress!!! I know you aren't where you want to be, but if you look at what you were doing when you started, five weeks ago, you'll see how far you've come! And that's all we can do, keep doing better and more than we did before.

    So - Good job!!!!
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    733 days ago
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