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February update

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

I had my lab results follow up with my doctor on Friday. My cholesterol is too high again. It's so overwhelming because I don't understand it really. That means on Saturday and Sunday I was in a mood and not doing my best. It's hard to stay positive especially when you are slowly dropping weight but the lab results aren't measuring up. I'm just feeling really down about it and it's hard to stay positive.

She has recommended that I drop the carbs and at first I thought, I don't eat that many because I have limited pasta (maybe once a week) and I don't typically pick up sandwiches or bread for meals. Then I started thinking about my snacks. There are cookies and donuts involved although they're always within my calorie count, I think I just have to drop them until this all gets sorted out. I've also reserved some books at the library.

I did some research and picked up metamucil. I'm always low on fibre so this will help. I'm also going to up my salmon intake to ensure I'm eating it twice a week. I have a follow up with her in a few months and if it's not down, then I'm on more pills. I'm way too young for that. I need to go full blast and really make a difference before I see her next. When I look at the risk factors for cholesterol, it really is my weight that's an issue. It has to go. There's just no other way around it.

Fortunately, the weather is warming up and my work schedule will allow me to go for walks at lunch for the rest of the week. Veggie stir fry tonight. I'm looking forward to it.

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    I remember when I joined WW back in 2007 and I would often eat the 'sweet fats' that you described and felt it was okay because I was within my points (using the weekly ones for those treats). So, I do understand why you feel confused. It is a reminder that it does indeed matter where our calories come from as well as how many. There is no right or wrong answer except that if you replaced one of those cookies and/or doughnuts with something of equal calories you might find that you are losing more quickly since it forces your body to use the existing glucose rather than the added starches you are providing with the 'sweet fats'. Your body doesn't have to work as hard if you are supplying a ready supply of sugary starches which explains your slower weight loss.

    There are a lot of different ways you can go about that and all of the suggestions here were good. I guess, I would step back and see how important these cookies and doughnuts are to your well being. There is an element of emotional eating involved when we choose to have 'sweet fats' rather than an apple or something equally sweet. There is nothing inherently wrong in that choice except expect the kind of results you are getting if that is what you reach for.

    If you have a hard time parting with them then you would find going low carb difficult at first because of the limiting choices. So, be prepared to feel deprived initially when starting that.

    Whatever food plan you choose remember that one plan doesn't fit all. It takes being aware of your food and taste preferences when designing a food plan if you want to keep it with it long term. Just remember that any long term good plan does involve balance and nutrition. You still might want to work your way in with these sweet fats but again if the right plan comes along you may lose your craving for them. It is all about what are you willing to do to get the results you are seeking. You have the answers.

    Good luck!


    1089 days ago
    Hang in there! You can do it and YOU ARE WORTH IT. emoticon

    Healthy fats like salmon, avocado, certain nuts (pistachio, pecan, walnut, etc.) in moderation can be helpful. If you like cooking with garlic, garlic can support reduced cholesterol levels as well.

    What supported me with increased fiber intake were foods like blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Avocado is also high in fiber as are things like sweet potatoes.

    emoticon I'm rooting for you. emoticon emoticon
    1092 days ago
    You've got this! emoticon
    1093 days ago
    It's good to know your numbers, for sure, gives you something to work with. Good luck in reducing without the drugs.
    1093 days ago
  • LINDA!
    It is good to know your numbers. Now you know what you have to do. Knowledge is power. You can do this!!
    1093 days ago
    Good for you for doing the research! According to our doc, the psyllium husk (such as the Metamucil) can be as effective as prescription statins when used correctly (10g per day, preferably 5g before each large meal), but that the absolute best cholesterol control is exercise (absolute minimum 30 minutes per day).

    My numbers are good, but my husband's went up when an injury sidelined him for a long while, so he started using the psyllium. He just couldn't choke down the Metamucil (even with a ton of water - it just made him gag), so I picked up some bulk psyllium husk and made up a recipe for "fibre biscuits" with the psyllium and flaxseed and oat bran and applesauce --- and he has one of those with a half-litre of water before lunch and dinner. The "biscuits" are 57 calories each, with 5g fibre.

    He enjoys baked goods for snacks, too, so I added the psyllium to a couple of our favourite muffin recipes (there's a banana blueberry version and a carrot berry version so far). These are about 115-120 calories each, 5g fibre, 5-6g protein, and I also do half-size "cookies" from the same batter. It's amazing how much more filling / satisfying they are with all of the extra fibre (even though the psyllium does give them an odd texture - kind of extra chewy / gummy --- not bad, but different).

    There are also a ton of great "low carb" recipes for rolls or wraps or "breads" that use almond flour along with psyllium husk and flaxseed. They're much higher in fibre than grain breads, and can be really tasty (they are NOT similar to grain breads, so it's best to consider them a completely different type of food and not try to compare them!). While there may not be a need for you to go full on low carb, there are a ton of delicious and healthy recipes that are worth fitting in to your menu.

    If you do find that you need to go to a lower carb diet (it can be really helpful if you are dealing with overall issues such as PCOS or metabolic syndrome, as well as higher cholesterol) then you might enjoy a series of blogs being written by CTYONIT (here's her SparkPage: http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.a
    sp?id=CTYONIT ) about her approach to LCHF.

    I hope the weather holds out for you, and you don't get too many spring blizzards to mess with finally getting back outside! Enjoy your stir-fry, and feel free to drop a line if you are interested in trying some psyllium baking.
    1093 days ago
    Sorry about the disappointing test results, but yay for you reflecting and finding solutions. Hopefully you can find some better snack choices that you find delicious. Hugs❣
    1094 days ago
    I’m cheering for you!
    1094 days ago
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