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March Madness Challenge

Thursday, March 01, 2018

I’m getting inspired by all the monthly challenge posts I’ve seen and decided to make one of my own to kind of “reset” my brain when it comes to my eating and activity habits. I’ve always seemed to do better if I have routine and organization, so I’m going to try using a bullet journal and checklist to keep up with it. My main “March Madness” challenge is consisting of the following: 1) 5 meals/snacks per day, 80% of which will be vegetarian. I went completely vegetarian for about a year so this shouldn’t be a big issue. (I’d recommend it to anybody trying to eat better, even if it isn’t full-time. It’s difficult at first, but it completely retrained my taste buds helping me to lose 70lbs). 2) Some form of cardio/weight training 25 days this month.. even if it’s just getting outside and walking. 3) 1/2gallon to 1gallon of water per day. I have a 1/2gal water jug so that makes it easy to track. Mini challenges that I’m tracking with the checklist include: vitamin intake, no white/refined carb days, alcohol (allowing 3 times this month), days dining out, no soda days, step tracking, etc.. Mini challenges are more for seeing just how much of these things I’m doing in a given month and to see where I need improvement. It can be scary/amazing to see just how often you do some things without even realizing it.. lol I added an example checklist in case anybody else is interested. I haven’t made mine yet, but I will be later tonight. You should be able to find it in my photos. Have a great day everyone and keep up the good work! :)
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