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3.2.18 Changing times and a NEW ADVENTURE!

Friday, March 02, 2018

I feel like I am flaky. I make a decision, then something happens and I have to rescind and regroup!

The plan was to live with my daughter for three years, with her five children, be the anchor for them, save a little money, pay off my debt and live happily every after.

The reality is that life is messy! I love the kids and my daughter, but it is every one's best interest to separate. I need to be Grandma, and let my daughter be the disciplinarian. She has met a really great guy, who wants to be her mate. The Dear Man has rearranged his work schedule and is now the UBER driver. The kids adore him. I think he is really special for taking on a family and stepping up to the plate . I like his ethics ( old school) and the way he loves my daughter. He is a great life coach, and a fine example for the boys. He comes over a couple of times a week and cooks dinner, and just hangs out with the kids.

So I am staying close, but stepping aside so they can design their life together. My youngest Granddaughter wants to help me decorate, and she has some great ideas for decorating the lovely bay window. I am planning a family waffle breakfast in a couple of weeks; the one thing they will all eat is waffles with whipping cream and strawberries and bacon. We will celebrate Gran's new apartment. There will be overnites at Grandmas and I will be going to the softball games, basketball games and concerts and plays. But I will also have my own life, eat the foods that are good for me and have my own activities.

I will always be Sparking! The changes that I have made in lifestyle, the friends I have made on Sparkspeople and the accountability to be real have been a life line for me.

Thank you to all

This week, I am getting my little world together. I am hunting and gathering the supplies needed to maintain my life- dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, pots & pans, all the things I got rid of when I moved from Tucson. DM ( Dear Man) has been instrumental in that!

I had a TIA a couple of weeks ago, and so far everything looks good. I start PT next week, to address some of the residual issues.

Meals are planned for the week, and groceries purchased. Today I got my internet up and running. I am blessed to have a washer and dryer in my apartment, so I will do what laundry I have, and find a place to put everything. If I get stuck, I can always ask Fredie!!

The BLC Challenge isn't too taxing for this weekend! I will do a little strength training and some dog walking cardio! Stay between the lines on my food plan and gets lots of good sleep and water.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1053 days ago
    I'm happy to hear you are feathering your own little nest again dear Sunny! It's important that we do have our own space when we need it. But its also wonderful to participate in the grands life events also. I'm so happy your daughter has found someone that is good to her and accepting of her children.

    Take good care of yourself my friend. I hope the TIA resolves and you enjoy health and happiness!
    1085 days ago
    Sounds like the new plan is a keeper! I don't know how you handled the old plan! I was exhausted reading about everything even though I know how much you loved being there for your grandkids. Now you can still be a support, but take more care of you too.

    Sorry to hear about the TIA. Wishing you health and happiness!
    1086 days ago
    I know that moving is not fun, but you have been there for your daughter and grandchildren in an exceptional way and I think you are making the right decision now. I hope the residual issues from the TIA will resolve themselves.

    This way you can fix meals for yourself that will help you to stay healthy. As many times as you have moved, you should be able to set things up the way that you like in no time.
    1091 days ago
    It sounds as if you're getting set up for a very pleasant life, and as a mother, isn't it wonderful to see your daughter with a man who loves her and is so good with the children? A happy situation indeed! I think you are wise to be the grandma outside the house--that will make it so special and exciting when your grandchildren come to visit you and when you go visit them, even if you live close by.

    I know it's a little stressful to move, but it can be really fun and fulfilling. A woman's home is her castle! Enjoy!

    1093 days ago
    I was a bit nervous when you said you were going to move back to Arizona. it seemed to be too soon... Now I understand a bit better, and I'm glad that you're not moving far away, so that you can stay close to the grands. And having DM in everyone's life sounds like the best addition to the family. What a sweet soul! I am glad that everyone is happy, even if it does mean that you have to replenish all the things you got rid of before the move. Hugs to you all - I'm glad that all is well, mostly (TIA?? OMG!!). BIG HUGS to you, especially, my dear friend.
    1094 days ago
    I’m here sunny!!!!!
    1095 days ago
  • EILEEN828
    Well change is happening but I think its all going to be for the better and I think it will all settle out quicker than you think. Having your own place is going to be sweet, and its great that your are still close to your family. Spring is on it way, New Beginnings! emoticon
    1095 days ago
    You know I was thinking of you this afternoon, wondering if I had been missing your blogs, or what. Glad for all of you that you can become grandma again, and not the nanny. It has to be a relief to not have all that responsibility. I know. at my age I couldn't have done it. So glad you can get back to eating the food you want. So you will have to tell us all about your new place, and granddaughter and you decorating will be so much fun together, what memories you both will have. Enjoy.
    1095 days ago
  • LSIG14
    So glad to hear you're staying near your family although not TOO near. You really do need your daughter and her kids around you but you don't need to take on raising another family. (Glad daughter has found someone to help shoulder her burden that's not you!)

    It sounds like you're getting organized and will be much better able to do your own self-care. Please be sure to do all your follow-up care. A TIA is kind of a warning and I care about you!

    Sending hugs and prayers that your life will be coming together in a really good way for you!
    1095 days ago
    WTG on the new apartment! Things have a way of working out! Hope PT helps that TIA residuals.
    1095 days ago

    Life is all about change.. staying flexible is a must.

    1095 days ago
    I was wondering what was going on but I figured you would share when the time is right for you!

    Good Luck on your new adventures. Sounds like you will have the best of 2 worlds. Be able to have your own life yet be part of the grands!
    1095 days ago
    WOW! I so admire your decision to move, give up so much and live with your daughter and her family AND I so very much admire your decision to step back, allow her and her new fella begin their life together.
    You will still be there for all of them and yet, you will have more time for the things you want to do!

    AWESOME! You will enjoy sleepovers with the grands and probably get more one on one time too!

    As for the TIA, I had my first in 2002 when I was just 55 years old; since then I have had three more - no serious residuals so far except that the one I had this fall left me with double vision which is intermittent and hopefully will eventually go away. My ophthalmologist expected it to clear up completely by mid January but it is still hanging around. I get a few days with no symptoms and then it is back daily for awhile. Sometimes I worry that it will not resolve but....I am trusting God to either allow it to heal or give me the strength to put up with it.

    You are going to do well! Just keep on keeping on, my friend.
    1095 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    1095 days ago
    That is awesome for both you and your DD. No matter how old, our kids are still our kids. We care about them. We worry about them. We are happy when they're happy! I an thrilled to hear your DD has such a dear man in her life. All good. And I wish you all the best setting up your apartent.

    HUGS and blessings.

    Adn yikes to the TIA! Glad you're all right. And good luck w/your PT
    1095 days ago
    1095 days ago
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