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Long Time No Blogging

Monday, March 05, 2018

Hi everyone! So you haven't heard from me in a very long time. It's been like 16 months. So here's a break-down of those 16 months.

November 2016 - my sister was diagnosed with leukemia.
December 2016 - I started a new job (which I LOVE)
March 2017 - my sister had a bone marrow transplant and went into remission
July 2017 - we held a benefit for my sister and celebrated her continued remission
August 19, 2017 - I took a little test and got a positive result.

And my mom and sister both freaked. Mom had been feeling down about Jenny and how Jenny had started losing hope of ever feeling well again. It happened to be a few hours after I peed on that stick so I showed her the photo you now see.
And she hyperventilated but in the best way.
A few days later we hosted a game night with Pictionary and used the opportunity to tell my dad and sister. So much fun. Hubby spent a few days in disbelief but it quickly became more real. Especially once we found out we were having a BOY.
So in November we had a gender reveal and then we announced to the social media world that we were expecting. I chose to use my sister's one year diagnosis date to announce it because I wanted memories of that day to be good along with the bad.
Christmas was amazing because my sister was home and cancer free.
She celebrated her 30th birthday at home and healthy.
She and mom went to Florida last week thanks to the generosity of one special person.
Now we're prepping for my baby shower and my big move. Oh yeah, my husband and I are buying a house while I'm 8 months pregnant. Super good choice. Not really but a necessary one. So I haven't been on a weight loss journey, but I am happy to report my weight gain is good. Since I'm overweight I've watched it a little closer than most women should, or have to. But I haven't had to make too many changes and I try not to cave to all of my cravings and so far all is well and the pregnancy is very healthy. My weight hasn't been too much of an issue but it does motivate me to be a healthier me before my next pregnancy, mostly because one of the midwives never fails to tell me "you're only supposed to gain this many pounds" in that condescending I'm too stupid to understand kind of voice. The other midwife is an angel and says as long as my vitals are good and my weight gain isn't extreme, she is perfectly happy where I am. And she says I'm doing wonderfully and as close to perfectly as I could hope for. My OBGYN that helps manage my case since I'm higher risk says very little about my weight, which I take as a good sign.
My blood pressure is good and completely managed and so far they're all on board with letting me go into labor on own and to delivery naturally (something that's important to me). Of course I know things don't always go according to plan, and I'm flexible to changes but I have spent the past several months prepping my body and my mind and my baby for the most natural birth I can have.
So I hope you are all well. I wanted to catch you up. Once baby is here and I am recovered from the birth I have some pretty big health goals in my future.

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