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One day, I have to shed the parka, into my nothing-ness-

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Saturday, April 14, 2018

This I think was 2 days ago---
It is Himself and I trying to clean the driveway with Beau, the German, as in dog, watching-
It was April 12th---
Now if any of you think that you have it bad where you live, weather-wise---just look at what we are dealing with up here in the near North--
--in APRIL, I repeat!
And to-morrow we are supposed to get more snow--31 Cm more--

It's the weekend---I must be careful how I eatI
Yesterday, I sunk to the "depths of despair"----mostly over the weather---ate like there was no to-morrow---did NOT exercise--only walked---and I felt like a big blob as I went to bed.
But-(that big "butt" again)--to-day is another day---

Now I am SO SO happy that there is always a to-morrow--- because--- I have walked--been on the Treadmill, did weights, fed dogs--- and I feel like a real person again-
Life is good to-day---

So, I am on the "bandwagon" again-
---even my neighbour shouted over as she was walking towards me on the ice flow (the back road)--
"Looks like you have lost weight!" she said.
Of course she was a mile from me-- (well, not quite) and how could she really tell as I was in a parka?
- but, it did sound like music to my ears--even helped me get over my "down in the dumps" sorta day that was going on--

So, I guess , one can fool some of the people some of the time----BUT----
One can't fool all of those people all the time----
What is going to happen when I shed that parka and do the tip toe-ing thru those tulips, maybe----even in my nothingness?
Lord love a Duck eh?
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