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SparkCoach - Day 12

Saturday, May 12, 2018

My motivation has flagged a bit the last few days, but I'm doing my best to get back on track today.

Today's visualisation is to imagine looking in the mirror and loving the body I have RIGHT NOW. I suppose it's true that all this dieting and exercise can make us long for a particular shape we're hoping to have in the future, and the desire to change can make us hate what we have right now. The bit I'm struggling with here is .... if I look in the mirror and smile and love what I see, then why am I putting myself through all this work to change to something else? What's the point? I think I'll stick to my current ideology, which is that I know I have a nice shape somewhere hidden under the fat. emoticon

Today's video is all about meal planning, using the plate method - a nine inch plate in quarters, one quarter has protein, one quarter grains, and one half has fruit and veg, and then add a bit of dairy on the side. It's also pointing out the benefits of looking ahead to the week to see how much time you're going to have available on any particular night, so that you don't end up without anything healthy to make on the nights you're short of time. Finally it talks about the benefits of being organised with shopping lists, recipes, that meal plan, etc... I don't think I'm doing too badly there, I don't usually have a problem finding something healthy to eat on the nights I'm stuck for time, because I have a tub of something premade in the fridge most of the time. I do all my grocery shopping with Sainsbury's online, so it's easy to just go down my list of what I usually buy and add them to the cart. I may have to get better about this whole 'plate method' thing though. I probably don't have enough vegetables compared to the grains.

The daily community task is to record my quick and easy list of meal ideas in my blog. Okay then!

* My 'go to' quinoa mix (red onion, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, cheese, yoghurt, wholegrain mustard)
* Tortilla wrap with hummus, red onion, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes, spinach, little bit of cheese, and chicken
* Jacket potato with tuna filler and side salad

Fortunately I love all of the above, so although the list is short, it's a good enough selection.

This picture is quite appropriate for how the last three days have gone ... back on track now!

Weight lost: 3.6lb
Estimated date of medium target: 27/8/18
Estimated date of goal: 31/12/18
Daily step target: 6640
SparkPeople login streak: 45 days
Latest trophy: 7 week streak, exercise for at least 90 minutes per week, 5/5/18
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