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The blame game...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

On Sunday we had a substitute priest because ours was on retreat. During the homily, he focused on the the first reading which was from Genesis, when Adam and Eve had eaten the apple.. When Adam was asked by God why he ate the apple, he blamed Eve; likewise when Eve was asked she blamed the serpent.

Blaming someone else for our choices has been around forever... why is it that we are not willing to accept responsibility for our own actions when things go wrong?... but when things go right and we do well, do we say it was his/her fault... not usually.

Temptations are going to be in front of us every day.. No matter how much meal planning we do, no matter how careful we think we are in setting ourselves up to succeed. Life throws us curve balls, sometimes we swing and hit it over the fence, many times we miss it completely and it's strike three and we walk away dejected....until the next at bat.

Sometimes the blame game allows us to rationalize why we are doing poorly. We begin to subconsciously buy into the things we've heard throughout the years and fall into patterns that support the claim without even realizing it.

So the question becomes who is truly to "blame" for our successes and our failures? But the bigger question should be - why do we even feel the need to place blame? Why can't we just face each obstacle as it is thrown at us and deal with it to the best of our ability. Look at the results and use those to plan our next move. Quite honestly, who's/what's to blame doesn't matter at all.

On this transformation Tuesday, I challenge you to change your thoughts from who or what's to blame but rather to accept that sometimes things just are what they are and you have the power to rise above it.

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