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Dreams about bears.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

I used to dream I was back home and walking along the highway when a bear came out of the woods after me. I dreamed my dog went after it and I was trying to hurry home not knowing the outcome of the bear and the dog.

Since we have lived here, there was a sighting of a bear in some school dumpsters and again the bear dream happened and my dog went after the bear while I hurried toward our house. In the first two dreams, I had a rottweiler.

Yesterday, I watched a video of a bear running along a road and it was running at about 30 mph.

I dreamed I was in a large building and a man had a bear inside with no collar or muzzle on it, and no leash on it. I dreamed it started to come toward me, then it pinned me in a chair. (In reality, I was sleeping in my recliner.)

I was trying to holler, "Help!, Help!," but with the bear on me with its front legs, I couldn't get anyone's attention. I yelled instead, "Bear!, Bear!" and people started to notice. I felt like it was going to bite my face.

My husband yelled, "Huz!, Huz!," his nickname for me, "you're having a nightmare!" Bayau yipped which woke me up.

My dog sensed that something was wrong. She doesn't bark when someone comes to the door and sometimes barks when she is playing with another dog. She barks at us if she thinks we might be hurting each other and sometimes when she is playing and we have her toy.

I was so glad to wake up from that dream with my face intact!
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    750 days ago
    What a blessing that it was all just a dream...actually bordering on a nightmare!

    I seldom remember my dreams...although I do remember that I was dreaming & whether the dream was pleasant or not.

    I have two dreams that have stuck with me though. One from when I was in seventh grade ("wasn't that just yesterday? emoticon ) & in that dream I was all grown up & I was married to my Social Studies teacher. emoticon He was fresh out of college & we girls tended to have school girl crushes on him. Interestingly enough within this past year, over the Internet I touched base with a guy whose wife was a younger family member (cousin?) of that same teacher. I only thought to ask if by chance his wife was related to that teacher because he had mentioned her maiden name & that she was from the town outside the USAF base my beloved Dad had been stationed at during those years. His Dad had also been stationed there...he had just arrived about the time my much loved & sorely missed Dad was transferred. His family had lived off base, so he went to the high school in that town...while those of us who lived on base went to the high school in an even smaller town in the area. Anyway, his wife kindly sent me an e-male & shared a few things about her family members still in that neck-of-the woods (things like her sister still plays the organ at the Methodist church that my family attended). Sadly, she had lost touch with my "heart-throb" teacher, so I have no idea what became of him. I do remember that when we went back to school for our eighth grade year, we were told that he had joined the Air Force. For all I know he could have been stationed at the next base that my Dad was stationed at or other bases in areas we have lived in over the years. emoticon

    The other dream that I remember vividly was from this past Springtime. I was fourteen-years-old in the dream & attending a new school...it was a huge school...as large as an airport with corridor-upon-corridor. In the dream the corridors were all empty & I was aimless walking around = trying to find my next classroom, when I happened upon three eleven-year-old boys, who were also new to the school. The boys were, also, trying to find their way through the maze of corridors to their next classroom. The interesting thing was that one of the young boys was my #3 Grandblessing (he turned seventeen this past May & this is his "after high school graduation" summer emoticon ). In the dream...while I did not know the connection that we were actually Grandmother & Grandblessing, I did know that there was some sort of sweet connection to him & he seemed to sense something special, too. Although weird...the dream was pleasant at the same time! Talk about being in the twilight zone! emoticon As an older & "wiser" student, I played it cool & did not let on that I was just as nervous & confused as they were...instead I assured them that, come that time the following week, all the confusion & bewilderment we were experiencing would be a thing firmly in the past. And that was the end of the dream!

    While mulling over the dream, I came up with the fact that I did feel that same type of confusion when changing schools during my Freshman year of high school = thus, fourteen & in a new school? I don't know why Grandblessing #3 was part of the dream...other than the fact that things change & can be bewildering for one after high school graduation?

    Usually once I awaken while dreaming, I do not go back to the dream when I drift off again...relatively recently, I was quite surprised to awaken three times during the same dream = each time I drifted back to dreamland, I picked up the dream where it had left off. Now that was a first! I don't remember the dream; however, I do remember that it was a pleasant one, so to get several "episodes" of it was nice. emoticon

    Our weather has been on the cool side...rather like Fall weather. My beloved MrV pointed out that, with the change in weather patterns, we may end with warmer (summer like) weather clear into late October or November. My response was an immediate...I hope not! Seems to me that it would not be Fall without a bit of crispness to the air. Well, Lord willing we will be around to see what He sends!

    I haven't been around the "rooms" here in Sparkville much as of late...although I have kept up with reading & occasionally leaving a comment on a few of my must read blogs (yours being one of that number). And to think I believed that with my summertime break from the demands of all the homework engendered by my Bible study would open up so much free time for me to be able to spend more time touching lives with folks here in "Sparkville"! emoticon

    I hope to do better about leaving comments each time I read a blog...however, I have to take my days as they come!

    God bless!

    P.S. Maybe one day you will share how your husband's nickname (pet name) for you came to be?
    752 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/20/2018 10:31:15 AM
  • FROSTY99
    WOW glad it was only a dream
    753 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Dreams often seem so real. It is often a blessing when we awake!!
    753 days ago
    Your dream would wake me up for sure. emoticon emoticon
    753 days ago
    OH MY! emoticon emoticon
    753 days ago
    What a dream!!!
    753 days ago
  • 1965KAREN
    I was once told that if you dream of bears that means there is a great change going on in your life. And if you dream of a bear chasing you, you are avoiding something important. I dreamed of a bear once and my friend said that meant there was going to be a great change in my life- I found out that week I was pregnant with twins! Kind of weird! lol! emoticon Sweet dreams, no bears!!
    753 days ago
  • GIGIT6742
    Jeez! What a dream. Lol. Glad your face is still there. 😂 I would have woken up having a heart attack.
    753 days ago
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