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Trying to build better habits

Sunday, June 24, 2018

I work nights and when I get home I watch a movie or two, instead of doing other things that I actually prefer but can't decide what. So I put my tv in my closet a few days ago. It hasn't been hard yet because I got home too late and was tired and the other night I came home and did a few things and then went to bed earlier because my Black Labrador alarm clock wakes me up around 7:30 every day. And he's pretty good at adjusting too. Went to bed at 2am last night and up at 8:30 but if I go to bed by ten then he gets me up by 6:30. So not much for sleeping in, which I'm actually ok with!
Today will be the real test because I'm off and it's gonna be a rainy day. I am trying to get back in the habit of walking Max every day or at least 5 of 7. I like Lake Springfield trail the best because I can turn it into just over 3 miles and it has inclines and it's mostly nature on a small trail all trees and grown over green. It's like being in the middle of a forest and we get to see deer. The general route is 2.7 miles/8k steps ish and 34ish floors. When I add in the extra it's about 3.25 miles and 57 floors and after a week of that I get comments on my booty!
Max just turned two. And he basically only likes me. He has anxiety and doesn't let anyone pet him and isn't really very friendly with many other dogs. We have started doing private dog training (no the trainer can't get closer than three feet), he learns quickly and it with practicing on our own has built his confidence. And even though its raining I am still considering taking him out to our favorite trail depending on how hard it's raining.
Today I'm going to work on:
O~ making a system to track and record my goals (through a bullet journal)
O~ Walk Max 5 of 7 days
O~ Stay under calorie budget 5 of 7 days
O~ Dog training homework 5 of 7 days ten minutes
O~ Brush Cat while coffee is brewing (if she is available)
O~ Write while I drink coffee
O~ Add Green tea to routine 3 days
O~ Add 3 stretch moves to routine 3 days
O~ Add 1 muscle strengthening/fat burning move/minute 3 days
O~ Sparkpeople 4 of 7 days
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