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God's Faithfulness with Our Obedience...MIRACLES HAPPEN!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Preface: I am going to try to do this without stating any specific money numbers as that isn't really the important part.

Hubs and I met at church. We have always been active in the church. We go every week, he plays on the worship team, I volunteer in the nursery. Every week, we write a check out to the church. (Churches cannot reach people, support missionaries, etc without funding. Common sense.) Hubs and I were both raised understanding the important of tithing.

Random info that may be helpful in understanding the significance of this all:

I have never been one to hide any anger I feel towards God. I have had a headache or migraine every single day for 20 years now. TWENTY! So I do get angry. (Not to mention LOADS of other "unfair" life happenings, including my mom dying of Alzheimers at age 54. Friends for a while used to refer to me as Job.) But regardless of any anger, each week at church we would still write out that check.

Hubs and I have STRUGGLED financially our whole relationship. Never ending medical bills and NON STOP vehicle repairs for my husband (but seriously....it's ridiculous....) He bought a "new" truck in August last year. Within two months we had already dumped $2500 into repairs. Then another $800...., Then a few more "smaller" repairs. Then we got hit with a $4800 repair, and then $500 just a week after that one! All of this in less than a year of owning this vehicle. (Add into that huge medical bills trying to figure out and treat my migraines.)

A few years ago our accountant died so we found a new one. Turns out the old one ROYALLY screwed up our taxes and how Hubby's business was set up. For 4 years new accountant did our taxes and we owed every single year. I didn't understand why. But it was about $3000-4000 every single year!

And we had a baby! Ha! So now we are paying full time day care on top of it all and monthly payments for what we "owed" the IRS. Then, we switched custody schedules and had/have my step-daughter 50/50, but we couldn't afford a lawyer (obviously) so we did it out of court and just kept paying the monthly child support.

Hub's business is new so he doesn't make a ton of money. I have a decent job, but our health insurance costs are ridiculous.

Ok, have a painted the picture well? We. Have. Been. BROKE. Yet every week I wrote a check out to church, even though we were playing "beat the bank" with about $3000! Gah! It was a CONSTANT stressor for me/us, but I felt the importance of continuing to give.

One sleepless night with the newborn, I got to thinking. That thought lead us to a new accountant, which lead us to finding out our accountant was a moron and screwed us majorly. We were able to amend 3 years of taxes and get "paid back" all that money we were originally told we owed, plus a refund for those years! Talk about a weight off our backs! We were ecstatic.

Since our finances had changed, our giving increased. We were still struggling a bit because of all the credit cards we'd charged up to "stay afloat."
My sister commented one day that she believed that this blessing was an act of God, after seeing how faithfully we gave, even when we had nothing to give.

Amazing, right?! There's MORE! We ended up legalizing our custody arrangement, which means no more child support! Whoa!

Ok, but this is where the miracle comes in. I have been working an extra shift every pay period for the last 8-ish months to try and pay stuff off. (Even though I miss my baby TERRIBLY!) On one of those extra shifts my boss called me into her office. She told me that the company randomly did an audit of my job role (there are probably about 100 of us total with all the various locations.) The low and mid-range salaries had decreased by a dollar. My heart SANK. We could NOT afford to lose any money from my pay checks.

She gave me news that still, three weeks later brings tears to my eyes. I got a raise. A HUGE raise. Unprecedented. There is no LOGICAL way that I could have gotten this raise. I got a 25% raise. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!!!!!!!!!

I'll spell it out without having to tell you what I actually make an...
Had I been making say $15 an hour, I'd now be making $18.75.
Had I Been making $20 an hour, I'd now be making $25.
Had I been making $30 an hour, I'd be making 37.50!!

Most people got fairly small increases. Some got no increase. This was PURELY a gift from God for our faithfulness.

I don't say any of this to brag. I want to shout from the rooftops that God is faithful! This all happened within the past 4 months! For 9 years we had negative money, yet gave faithfully to the church. God saw.

I thought there was no end in sight. I thought I'd be stressed and broke forever.

I don't understand why now.... but someday I will see why God's timing is PERFECT!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • BERRY4
    I have personally found that it is simply "impossible" to out give God. He knows what we need & when we need it. Glad you are finding that true in your own situation!
    215 days ago
    His ways are higher!
    221 days ago
    224 days ago
    All I can say to you is that's AWESOME and it is definitely His handiwork. I am thrilled for you.
    224 days ago
  • EVANS1848
    You have to remember God never answers your prayers in one day sometime it takes time you had to keep the faith and believing God is your Mighty and you see the results my prayers are with you
    224 days ago
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