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New Motivation - X-ray shows my lungs are Cramped from recent weight gain!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I went to the emergency room gasping for breath, which was getting worse and had been affecting me all day. The doc asked if I coughed often and some other questions, then ordered a chest x-ray as well as blood tests.

The main thing I learned was that my lungs are cramped from my slow but steady weight gain these past two decades. The change has been gradual, so that I just attributed it to old age. I had given up being able to change that. Another reason why I am so tired. Also, I read about the effort needed to move around and be active with extra weight. I had guessed at that, but am surprised at how it exhausts me so quickly! My poor muscles and tendons get tired immediately! With just regular daily activity, I literally drop from exhaustion and fall asleep where I am.

With this knowledge, I can understand stronger reasons and know I have ways to change how I feel physically rather than giving up. With the Sparkpeople food tracker, I can see small ways that I can lose weight. Encouraging!
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