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The summer weight creep

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My goal for the past 4 years has been to maintain my weight after successfully losing 35 pounds for the third time. Raise your hand if you committed to losing or maintaining weight this year? In spite of my commitment I am looking at my raised hand and there is a half eaten piece of homemade pie in it. (Fresh blueberry if you are wondering.) Now that shouldn’t be an issue just one piece of pie shouldn’t derail my healthy eating efforts, Right?

Have you been struggling with keeping off the weight creep this summer? Me too, I am out of my weight range because I have been traveling, meeting up with family, attending lovely parties and making desserts with the fresh fruits of summer. I know all the ways I should approach the gatherings but I just cannot resist some of my favorite foods which show up. But let’s be honest, I have a hard time resisting food in general. And I love making pies with ripe summer fruit.

My Five Year maintenance anniversary date is in October and I want to be within my maintenance range. I am taking this seriously because the statistics for maintaining after 5 years is not good. The last time (and the time before) I saw this weight creep, I ignored it. That led to regaining and then painfully losing all the regained weight again.

To combat the summer weight creep (which leads to the “How much weight have I regained?” scream in October), I have been increasing my exercise minutes, joined an adult swim group class, hired a trainer to help me get back on track doing strength training, faithfully going to water aerobics class and consistently going to my Tai Chi classes. Easy to get out and exercise in the summer. Cutting back on some of my favorite summer foods like potato salad, grilled chicken with crispy skin, fresh picked corn on the cob, hamburgers on a bun with all the fixings, I could go on but I am getting hungry.

I do feel better with the increased exercise and I have stemmed the rising number on the scale by watching portion sizes. But I have not lost much of the extra pounds yet because I have not cut back enough of my summer eating. I know that by the end of August the peaches, nectarines, berries, apricots and other assorted fruits will be gone from the farmer’s market. The summer gatherings will come to an end so temptation will be reduced.

My goal right now is to reduce the amount I am eating rather than trying to give up foods, which clearly hasn’t been a good working strategy. Keep up the exercise routines and make sure that I have times scheduled to actually do the exercise. I am really good at thinking about doing exercise and then reading a book instead.

The goal for this year is to be one of the successful ones who maintain a weight loss for 5 years. I done so well for 4 years and I am planning to make sure that I maintain my healthy life style into the next year. But right now I am going to go finish eating this piece of pie.

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