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Diet Advice: What Worked for Me and Didn't

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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Over the years, certain diet advice worked for me, and others didn't. Here's breakdown on the various advice, and why it did or did not work for me.

REASON: Eating a snack before eating out somewhere helps to prevent feeling hungry, and thus overeating or making a poor dinner choice.
DID IT WORK: No. My biggest overeating issue is portion distortion. I don't have a proper "off" switch for eating. If I get a plate of food, I can eat all of it. Eating a snack before dining out actually made me overeat more, as I had a snack, plus the meal.
WHAT ACTUALLY WORKED: Cutting my meal in half before I start eating, then putting the other half into a To-Go box.

REASON: Thirst can be mistaken for hunger, so when hungry, drink a glass of water first.
DID IT WORK: No. Maybe this is true for some people, but for me, thirst is thirst and hunger is hunger. Drinking a glass of water does not make me not want to eat.
WHAT ACTUALLY WORKED: If I'm hungry, I eat a healthy snack: veggies and hummus, nuts and fruit. I do not believe in fighting hunger anymore. If I'm hungry, it means I need to eat something.

REASON: Carbs are needed to fuel a workout
DID IT WORK: Yes, but only before a very intense, endurance workout. When I do a long mountain bike ride, I need glycogen in order to fuel the most intense hill climbs. Low carbing before an intense, long distance workout kills my performance. I've come to believe that certain foods are better depending on the exertion performed.

REASON: More fat is burned when the body is fasted. Eating carbs post workout restores glycogen for the next session.
DID IT WORK: Yes, but only after a low or medium intensity workout. Low liver glycogen stimulates body fat burn. Eating carbs post workout restores muscle and liver glycogen. This only works when getting regular exercise that depletes and replenishes glycogen, which allows the carbs a beneficial place to go.

REASON: You can't out exercise a bad diet.
DID IT WORK: Absolutely. A bad diet causes obesity and disease, and good food is the cure. Exercise makes your heart and lungs healthy, but food is the fuel. No matter how good the engineering, a race car can't perform on low octane fuel.

REASON: Intermittent fasting helps rebalance hormones for better weight loss and management.
DID IT WORK: Unknown. I don't follow a regimented intermittent fasting schedule. Sometimes I miss breakfast due to sleeping in too late, which makes me fast for 18 hours before lunch. I do not seem to have any harmful effects. I have not tried any extensive self-experimentation to see if intermittent fasting has any positive or negative effects for me.

REASON: Calories in minus calories out.
DID IT WORK: No. I have tracked my calorie intake versus expenditure through numerous methods, and I've never found a meaningful pattern. Body metabolism is too complex to distill it down at this level. Body metabolism can burn more or less depending on temperature, food eaten or not eaten, exercise levels, etc.
WHAT ACTUALLY WORKED: Food and exercise tracking is valuable as a logbook for accountability. However, I no longer track calories. I keep an eye on my macros to some degree, but it's more useful for me to track what I eat without being a calorie accountant.

REASON: Low-carb diets can help with weight loss in people with insulin resistance.
DID IT WORK: Yes. Even though I do not have the clinical definition of insulin resistance or pre-diabetes, I have a clear disposition towards it. I cannot tolerate a very high carb diet as it leads to weight gain and high blood pressure. Since adopting a low-carb diet, I have noticeable weight loss and lower blood pressure. I know people who eat oatmeal for breakfast and stay trim, but I cannot.

BOTTOM LINE: There is no one size fits all diet. These things did or did not work for me, but that doesn't necessarily mean that is true for the next person.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    This is a great blog! such helpful information, thanks so much for sharing
    918 days ago
  • MAR_V3
    Thanks for the insight. We are all different.
    922 days ago
  • JUDY19463
    Your statements are very Ture. When I make up my mind to do it. It is helpful to find what works for other. Great job.
    930 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10676776
    Excellent blog! emoticon emoticon Maintaining a healthy diet and working out is a long term venture. Never give up and educate yourself. SparkPeople is an excellent resource to do so! Press on, Push forward and Spark ON! emoticon
    933 days ago
    Thank you for reminding me that this process involves a LOT of trial and error! There IS something out there that WILL work for me! Congratulations and best of luck on your continuing successes!
    933 days ago
    I tend to shy away from giving any one advice even though I have lost 135 pounds, and even when people ask because I still have such a long way to go, but here you confidently share what has worked for you and its good stuff. Congratulations to you and here's to your continued success!
    934 days ago
    Excellent analysis...Thx for sharing it!
    934 days ago
    That was great how you have discussed in detail what worked for you & what did not think it would work for me too
    934 days ago
    I liked your comments and found some of them even apply to me. Thank you!
    935 days ago
    I love how you detailed it all out. I agree with you on drinking water - thirst is thirst, hunger is hunger. If I am hungry I will also go for a good healthy snack. I still track my meals every day (although I'm starting to tire of it, honestly, because I eat pretty much the same way every week) but I look at protein and fiber. Those are the hardest for me to get the right amounts of!

    We do know our own bodies and I think that's a marvelous thing.
    936 days ago
    That's great that you know what works and doesn't work for your individual body, I can relate so some of these too!
    936 days ago
    Yes, we are all different! Important to experiment and draw one's own conclusion.
    936 days ago
  • EISSA7
    Love how you outlined the diet advice and explained what did/didn’t work for you and why....certainly underlines that each of us is on a personal journey and the importance of listening to yourself.
    936 days ago
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