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Recipe for Becoming Fit

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

I've long been about the weight loss thing being more of an issue between the ears than the lips. And as I walk this thing out, the layers unfold and the road gets easier. It helps that the physical layers are getting lighter as well.

One of the most beneficial aspects of exploring the mental part of getting fit has been developing the aim of becoming a fit person rather than getting fit. Getting and being are two totally different aims.

I can accomplish getting fit by exercising more and eating less. It truly is a simple process. What isn't as simple is becoming a person who is fit. That requires an overhaul inside and out. And, I think, we usually quit on this or get derailed because it's not a 90 day thing, it's a lifetime. I've turned on the afterburners and lost weight before. But, this is the first time, I've focused on becoming a fit person, and I am astonished by what is happening.

Facing the root behind the thing that sends us through the drive-through or into binge mode isn't easy. I started by paying attention to my feelings, something I tried so hard to ignore for so long. I mean who has time to deal with issues when the daily to do list is growing ever larger? Practically speaking, this looked like writing in a journal in the early morning as part of my morning routine. Sometimes, my writing came in the form of a prayer. Other times, I just needed to process some of the hurts I had ignored and find that I now live in a safer place and what soothed my sores in the past could be swapped out for something that would heal rather than cover. It became a mission to heal myself.

Next, I needed to replace a bunch of thoughts that were self defeating. I was the Queen of beating myself up. People used to address my confidence level with me, and I sort of just brushed it off. I constantly was telling myself I was fat, old, ugly, stupid, a loser, incapable, selfish, and on and on. When this becomes a regular thought pattern, it takes some time and concerted effort to change it. Enter YouTube. I found some positive people on YouTube; Marie Forleo, Brendan Burchard, Stefan James, Teri Savelle Foy, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and many more to leave less room for the negativity to flow. This was layer two of my morning routine.

Once my mind began shifting toward the positive, I knew I needed to prove to myself I could be disciplined. And, so I started a 10 minute exercise habit I measured by how many days per month I intentionally exercised for at least 10 minutes. I didn't judge the quality of the exercise, as long as I intentionally did something for 10 minutes, I put a sticker on my calendar as proof that I did it. The next month, I aimed for more days. Now, I exercise 3-5 days per week for about an hour each session. I lift weights like I never imagined I could, and either run on the treadmill or climb stairs. If you would have told me this would be true when I began, I probably would have quit from the word go. Something about seeing the progress on my calendar boosted my confidence. I began creating more and more goals for myself, and reaching those. I still fight negativity from time to time, but I cannot tell you the difference. So much more worth working out than merely looking cute. Although, I am starting to get a lot of compliments again which is just bonus material.

Finally, after about a year of this, I started seeing the value of improving my diet, and it has become an ongoing process, experimenting my way through finding my own blend of ingredients for a recipe for a healthy life. In the past, It was more like, "I'll try this, no this, no how about this." Now, I want to feel good for longer than 30 seconds. I will fully admit a snickers makes me feel good for 30 seconds, maybe even a minute. Food now truly is fuel for me to have energy throughout the day, no brain fog and better moods.

This all takes time folks. And I think that's why it all boils down to being sick and tired of being sick and tired, and making a decision to become a fit person no matter how long it takes. Give yourself the gift of finding out what's triggering the taco fest, and deal with it. Take out the trash talk, and replace it with some positivity. Whatever the source, friends, YouTube Vids, affirmations, whatever it is that will help you get your eyes pointed somewhere positive, do it! Build some momentum in the form of small wins. You could use step counts, or minutes worked out, weight amounts lifted, speed increases, workout frequency or anything that lets you see progress especially while the scale adjusts to the new you. A quick note on this. I wear much smaller clothes now even though my weight loss isn't dramatic. Shifting sands still look good no matter what the scale has to say. Trust me. Just keep going.

Run your own experiment in order to discover how becoming fit fits into your life. Are you a morning person? Do you prefer to work out solo, with a friend or in a group? Seriously, just take one area at a time, maybe even a month at a time before making adjustments. Will it take longer, probably. Will it stick? You betcha.

I'm excited to see where this leg of my experiment will take me. Spark People's BLC challenge starts in about a week. This will be my I don't know how manyieth round, and each round my experiment has had a different focus. This time, I am definitely interested in finding the absolute best fuel plan for my body, getting stronger, and making sure my mental game is on point. I really need, in this hour, to focus on building more confidence. The funny thing about that is it walks hand in hand with fear. Trying things that scare you generally builds confidence. I've always wanted it to be the other way around, feel confident then do. BUT, that's not how it works, it's the total opposite. Try stuff, confidence follows. Yikes, here we go.

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  • no profile photo CD22518161

    This is an incredible blog. So well written, thanks!!
    582 days ago
    583 days ago
    Jen, ya NAILED it...seriously. Being fit matters to me as well. It has lifelong ramifications. I just returned home from visiting my elderly parents. Gosh, they’ve been old for decades because of their mindset. Never being ones to focus on fitness, well it shows. It certainly translates into the quality of life they are living. Sighing audibly...I don’t want that for me. There is a vast difference being living and existing!

    You are incredibly strong, beautiful through and through, and exceedingly wise and motivating. Keep killing it, chica. Strong is hot, being fit matters. You gOooOoooOo, riiiiiiight there with you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    584 days ago

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  • EISSA7
    You are so right...trying new things and experiencing success on some level is exactly what builds confidence! Small wins turn into the momentum that is so empowering! emoticon
    584 days ago
    Love the opening about it being between the ears. St true. Appreciate your insights—a good reminder.
    584 days ago
    Amazing blog. Such great advice and awesome direction! Thank you. I will try implementing some of these ideas and try to not beat myself up as much!
    585 days ago
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