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"Delightful" ~ long story

Friday, August 31, 2018

"Delightful" is a word that has come to mind many times over recently. The past several years have been full of life changing moments were "delightful" was not a term that came to mind. Life happens and it changes us. Granted we have the choice of whether we react or respond but very often little to no thought about that happens. I just happens. Due to my life reactions and responses I awoke one day to discover I know longer knew the person I had become. I wasn't a bad person, just someone I didn't understand or enjoy anymore. There was a time I was know as the "Sunshine teacher." I was the first one at work and always smiling with sunny a disposition. It was a private school were students gathered in the lobby before being allowed to enter the classroom area. It became my daily job to welcome the students for the day with a smile and words of joy and encouragement. (Example: "Good morning Sunshine's. So happy to see your shining faces today! It's the beautiful day you make it. Let's get excited about it!" I loved my job!!! I loved those in my life (Yes even the challenging ones)! ~~~ Life moved forward. I had a dear friend leave her family and me for an alternative lifestyle. I had other friends move away. My church I'd attended for decades closed it's doors. I had family members move away with no way to reach them. I was mugged. My health became a concern. I lost another job I loved. My mother became unable to live alone and moved in with a family member causing discord among all her children. She eventually came to live with me when she could no longer be left alone at all and had to file bankruptcy. She was my best friend before and then and had dementia with a life longevity of 3-4 months. We cried, we laughed, we prayed, we did life to the fullest that we were able and most importantly we loved! "8" years later she passed away in her sleep with a smile on her face. One month earlier I attended 3 unexpected funerals for people very close to me. I gave condolences, food and assistance to a young mother who had lost her mother. I prayed and gave my available support to a single mother with stage four brain cancer who also passed away. One week after we buried my momma my aunt died and one week later my momma's dog that also lived with us died. My health deteriorated dramatically! I quit sparking! I stopped communicating almost completely. I was unable to get permanent employment. I was considering bankruptcy. The holidays were dramatically stressful! January of this year medical tests were taken and in March I was told not to make any plans for my summer and I need not be concerned about going through the holidays at all this year. I should already be dead. All my health numbers were horrible. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! "Delightful" was not in my vocabulary. Depression, doctor visits and medical testing took over. I slept, I cried, I mourned, I was not the person I had been Not a surprise! Okay enough of the the doom and gloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My doctor, my husband, my children & grandchildren, my current church family rallied around me. My doctor gave me some medications and put me on a low cholesterol, low carb, no processed food diet with little expectations. I stuck to the diet and did everything he suggested. God kept me going. Every week I was having tests or seeing the doctor. My numbers improved (still not good) but we no longer discussed dialysis and my liver was functioning just above the danger zone. Every week I was becoming better functioning and more alert to my surroundings. I was tired all the time but was able to begin a small part time job as a "Caregiver", by preparing meals for breakfast and lunch and giving daily medication to two charming elderly ladies. I loved it! I kept on the healthy diet and began simple exercises and relaxing in a pool with my husband daily. My family took me to our beach time share this month. They set me up Saturday and stayed one night then left me completely alone. They returned late on the following Friday, spending the night and then we all left together. Thru Tuesday I slept, prayed, watched tv, ate in, watched the sunrise and sunset and waves of the ocean from my room. I took my medications but mostly I slept. It rained every day. Wednesday morning I awoke to the sunrise streaming through my window and realized I was smiling! What a "delightful" view! I put on my bathing suit and took a walk in the sand and laughed when the cold ocean water splashed me. It was "delightful!" I went in (had to limit sun time due to medications) and visited the timeshares meeting room. Found a Christian fiction book and an unopened puzzle I checked out. I had breakfast on the balcony and my juice in a wine glass. It was "delightful!" Read the newspaper and checked on some local activities for the week. I made a reservation for one for a live dinner show with Marilyn Monroe, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra impersonators. It was for the following night. Got a ringside seat and pictures with Marilyn. The food was amazing but the service & show was even better. I went for lunch at a small new place called "Chicken Salad." All kinds of chicken salad served in a variety of ways and everything there was diet friendly. "Delightful!" I went to the local Habitat for Humanity thrift store and purchase a pair sandals for my dh and a downsized purse for me for under $5. It was "delightful!" I found myself singing and finding "delight" through all my senses. I laughed and played with my family. I realized I was rediscovering the person God had made me to be. It was and is "delightful!" Since I have returned home (over two weeks now) My doctor has transferred me to another as my primary for what was explained as in my best interest for a healthier me. My numbers have continued to get better and I am making holiday plans! WHAT A DELIGHT! My nerves are damaged and we don't know if they will ever improve so everyone who sees me shake thinks I have Parkinson's and I'm having some fun with that. (Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor) Two of my heart valves are leaking and need to be monitored (so I have to see my not so bad looking new doctor regularly) (Yes, I'm married & sick but I'm not dead~ lol) . I am NOT anemic or diabetic! "Delightful!" I'm being more active on Sparkpeople. I AM making plans for the holidays! Most definitely "DELIGHTFUL!" My husband and I discovering the "delightful" joys of an empty nest with just one another. Extremely "DELIGHTFUL!" I am not well, but I am "delighted" with my days and the ability to have others share them with me! Hugs and Hugs!
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    All the best to you prayers & healing thoughts for you
    820 days ago
    Will keep you in my prayers...
    So very glad the "SUNSHINE" streaming in your window has you on your current path. Pray you continue to find "DELIGHTFUL" time in every day.. and that your numbers continue to improve.

    Also glad to have you pay us a visit.. try not to take such long breaks between blogs.
    Welcome back.
    820 days ago
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