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Friday, November 09, 2018

I woke up a cranky pants today.. yup that's right even little miss sunshine here has those days.. and as words were forming in my mind for today's entry, it wasn't very pretty.. but I tabled those thoughts and went to my gratitude/ #todayifoundmyjoy journal and began to write out 10 things I am grateful for and I could feel my shoulders starting to relax and the things I had been agitated about started to fall back down into their proper place in the scheme of things instead of front and center in my mind...

With all the sadness and horrible things happening in this world, I refuse to wallow in I had a crappy work week, focused on "projects" for our team building meetings next week in Florida. If I'm being honest, the truth of the matter is these particular exercises had me digging into areas I not as familiar with and using a different way of thinking so while I found it tedious, when the experience is over I will walk away from the meetings with a stronger skill set which will make me better at my job.. but juggling all that with my every day responsibilities, coupled with my underlying nerves about the Rocky half this weekend that I am ill-prepared for due to my recent foot injuries, I got in my own way.

When I wrote my poem the other day, it wasn't for me, it was for anyone who needed it, but ironically it became me who needed it. Sometimes I scare myself because there are no coincidences.. my subconscious knew before I did that I was having some moments of self doubt.

As I sit here sharing with you basically the same things I was going to share, it is from and entirely different perspective... one with less attitude and more understanding and willingness to look past the minutia and focus on the rewards that will follow.

My dad was a garbage man by trade, when he retired and we threw him a surprise party I was in charge of the invitation.. So I came up with a card that had a picture of a garbage truck on the front with the words that said, "sometimes you have to dig throw the garbage, to get to the treasure" and inside was a picture of him on vacation sitting in a chair smiling. PS he's 82 and still works part time, so apparently one man's garbage is another man's treasure.

I love this space, I love putting my thoughts into words on paper or the computer. I've always been good at resolution, but actually writing it out, laying a path to move forward or put it to rest, was the one piece that was missing from the puzzle.

Thoughts enter my mind sometimes and take me by surprise, while I have a very good memory, some things are lost if not written down and it turns out some things are not completely resolved until I share it with myself and now all of you!

Have a tremendous Friday, I got a lot to do, but I will focus on one thing at a time, and when I feel myself getting bogged down and stressed out, I will stop take a deep breath, smile and say good things are coming... of this I am sure!

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