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Soooo hungry...

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dying right now. Very close to hitting a new number, and I already ate enough today because I had some higher calorie items. But, it was not enough food volume of course. So to pass the time, I wrote a comment in the forums of a list of international dishes that are healthy and delicious. Which DID pass time. And for a while was fun! Until I finished it, and then realized I am frigging starving! :)

I refuse to prolong this weight loss a day longer than it's been going, because I am sooo sick of eating at a deficit for 3 years in a row!! I just want to get to my ideal weight already, so this can stop sucking up so much of my time and energy, and I'm not always tired from calorie deficit.

So, to that aim, I'm not going to snack. Because if I do, it will push hitting the goal back at least a day. Right now, I'm on track to hit it by Jan. And really, that day can not possibly come too soon. But ordinarily, I could push the cravings back with some tea, water, peppermint gum, a piece of fruit, or a little vegetable soup. Eating solids like almonds when I'm hungry, just makes it that much harder not to eat more.

Wish me strength! I suspect this is one of those nights that I will toss and turn, and when I finally fall asleep dream only of foods. I hope not though! Good sleep is the best thing for weight loss, which kind of goes hand in hand with low stress - neither of which I am great at.

I ate the same amount yesterday and fell perfectly fine. But that's how it goes. May be a hormonal thing. Sometimes I just desperately need more, and sometimes I have no appetite at all all day. No warning which type of day it will be. I hope tomorrow isn't so painful.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats on reaching your mark, now move on, one step at a time, rework your food choices to make sure that you feel full between regular meals. You can do it!
    788 days ago
    Thank you MARTHA324, MOLLIEMAC, and PHEBESS! : )

    Updates in the next blog entry today, because I did in fact reach my mark!
    788 days ago
    I swear, there definitely is some hormonal thing that causes those hungry days! They are horrible.

    It helps to make sure you have plenty of fiber as well as plenty of protein. (And things like apples make me hungrier, unless I eat them with protein like cheese or a little peanut butter. Just how the fruit sugar affects me.)

    Good luck, we all know how rough those days can be. (And 99% of the people here will be supportive and not sarcastic.)
    788 days ago
    I agree with Martha, you need to have the volume of higher fiber foods to satiate your hunger. And yes, hormonal shifts could be playing a part in what you are experiencing. I wish you all the best as you work through this phase of your weight loss journey. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    789 days ago
  • MARTHA324
    No wonder you're hungry! The feeling of hunger for me often is related to the food I eat; i.e., when I have a meal with carbs, protein & fat and fiver I tend to feel full longer. And some days for no reason I get hungry during the day or after dinner.....guess it's just the way things are some days. Seems like you hit the nail on the head in the beginning of your blog by noting you had eaten higher calorie but low in volume food.

    I know that losing weight takes time and congrats to you for sticking to it. When I started back in Oct 2011 I didn't have a set date to lose x lbs by. For me I knew that what I did to lose weight was basically what I'd keep doing for life, so not deadlines. That approach worked for me.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    789 days ago
    GGRSPARK, I don't understand what your comment means. I don't think it was meant to be helpful or supportive or compassionate though. So I'm not sure why you bothered to write it.

    I have been losing weight for 3 years consistently. The only way to lose weight is to operate at a calorie deficit - taking in fewer calories than you expend. I have been taking in fewer calories than I use daily, for 3 years in a row. It is successful, but exhausting. Many days are more tolerable than this one. It gets WAY harder, the closer to ideal weight you are, because each lbs lost is a much greater percentage of your total body weight, and because the body is used to operating at a deficit already and that has become the norm. So much harder to shift and create change for the same amount of loss. I am also dealing with a life-threatening illness which affects the whole body including muscle mass and metabolism. So weight loss is much more difficult than it would be for a healthy person.

    I am only 6 pounds from my original goal, but possibly 11lbs or so now that I am hear and realize that without muscle mass, I look fatter than when I was at this weight before my illness.

    Sometimes, on a long weight loss journey, a person feels hungry. Not a surprise, and not a time for a sarcastic comment from a total stranger on the internet. I wish you peace.
    789 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    Three years of calorie deficit ? And you’re dying of hunger. Something here is wrong, but firbsure younare not dying.
    789 days ago
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