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Unwilling resident of a flat earth

Sunday, December 16, 2018

I quit eating desserts and white flour products. White pasta and bread are not a problem for me to avoid. I really prefer whole grains. But dessert is a real problem and once I get started I can’t and won’t stop. The effects are awful. Weight gain. Inflammation. Fatty liver disease. For what? A momentary hit of pleasure. Followed by some miserable life limiting consequences.

I am mostly past the physical withdrawal effects. And a tiny bit of very dark chocolate chases any stray cravings for me and has never been a problem like cake, cookies, and ice cream are problems. I have reached the stage where I no longer want dessert and I see it for what it is.

But. I am experiencing an unexpected effect. And while it is not easy it is familiar. My world is suddenly flat. Gray. Dull. I just can’t get enthusiastic about food. Thirty years ago, I stopped drinking alcohol and I remember this happened to me then. Once the cravings subsided, I remember that the world got flat. Nothing satisfied me. A meal without fine wine just did not satisfy.

I am healthy. I live in a region with access to fresh fish and meat and produce. I usually love to cook and plan nourishing, tasty, healthy meals but I can’t think of anything I want to eat and trying to fill in the Spark meal tracker as a planning tool is frustrating. I have a full life with meaningful activities and engaging people. There is no reason for this other than a familiar pleasure that filled my time and energy is not available to me and I have not figured out how to replace it.

This will pass. It is as I have heard said a real luxury problem. But it is my problem and it is not fun.
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    Don't know how I missed this blog but . . . hope it's feeling a bit better now.

    That BLE info from KRISZTA sounds really helpful to me . . . and hopeful too since with time it should resolve itself.

    Can you get enthusiastic about non-food stuff? While you're waiting, so to speak? I think so based upon my familiarity with your prior blogs and your pleasure in the sea and the wind . . .
    464 days ago
    I'm way late in responding to this... I understand what you mean. A few years ago Dan asked me to stop cooking so well. We were both overeating because we enjoyed it so much. I still cook well, but it's plain cooking. Flavors come from vegetables and spices. And over time our relationship with food changed: we eat to live. We stray from this and it is when we start eating sweets and fatty foods. And then we gain weight. Today I overate at a friend's New Year's Day midday dinner. I rarely overeat and I not only overate, I overate fatty foods and desserts. I now officially hate myself. And tomorrow I'll feel withdrawal from the rich foods I've been eating more of than normal over the holidays. But 10 pound weight gain is unacceptable and I really no longer like the way I feel.

    So this is a long post all about me. But what I want to say is, give it time. Your relationship with food will change and it will be fine.
    464 days ago
    I like how you challenge your body & mind to change. Your past experiences have shown you it's not easy, but you've persisted & made other changes. This time of year is challenging with so many demands & stressors around us. Be gentle with yourself.
    479 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    480 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23403922
    That was a hard adjustment for me, as well. But now I'm kind of relieved. My mind is not occupied with food every second of every day.
    480 days ago
    Congratulations to breaking free from sugar and white flour!
    I'm glad physical withdrawal symptoms are gone, and that you can safely enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate.

    The world feeling flat dull and gray... you are not alone with this!
    Your description reminds me strongly of what I read in the Bright Line Eating book about sugar and flour withdrawal, and your feelings may be of similar origin (not sure of course!).
    The author explains it with downregulation of dopamine receptors in brain's reward system: after too much stimulation (sugar and flour) the receptors are overloaded, and the brain protects itself from the flood by thinning out the receptors. After sugar and flour is removed from body and brain, it takes time to increase number of dopamine receptors to the origiinal level... but it happens, and the person will be able to enjoy pleasures of healthy food again.
    Author says it's like drug addict use the drug not to feel high - but to feel normal, to feel OK.
    " if, as you read this, you feel bleak and desperate at the thought of going without sugar and flour, I just want to point out that t h a t is dopamine downregulation talking. You'll get through it, I promise. Dopamine receptors do regenerate. You will be fine."
    I haven't found info how long it takes, but guess it may take longer than physical symptoms. I hope you will feel better soon!
    481 days ago
    ... perhaps this is why I have seen it suggested to use spices - change things up and add flavor!?? emoticon
    481 days ago
    Yes, this too shall pass. Great blog.
    481 days ago
    I have not given up my wine, cut back severely tho. I know what you mean but for me it is a randomly occurring thing. Right now in fact I can not think of anything that will satisfy me. No inspiration to cook or put a fork to my mouth. I do know, at some point it passes but have no reason why or how. Maybe it is just a biological reset?

    481 days ago
  • JEANY51
    Sometimes we have to take it moment by moment. This too shall pass. Enjoy your day!
    481 days ago
  • no profile photo CD23924420
    I am quitting alcohol at the moment, so I can relate to what you're talking about. I am finding I don't have interest in much of anything, except food. I gave in to an alcohol craving yesterday evening. The first time in a while. It was nice to have my old familiar friend back, but I woke up with regret this morning, even though I didn't have enough for a hangover this morning. Anyway, this was your blog, not mine. So I hope the world is round again soon for you.
    481 days ago
    Keep pushing forward. Hello my name is Brent and I’m an emotional eater. It’s a battle everyday but together we all can do this
    481 days ago
  • CINDY247
    One day at a time This too shall pass Best wishes!
    481 days ago
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