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Rebuilding in 2019

Sunday, December 30, 2018

I just need to get through today and tomorrow of this wretched year. Time to start with a clean slate and "rebuild". That is my word of 2019, and my goal for 2019. To rebuild from the ashes left from the past two years.

When I think about the rebuilding process for 2019, sure, weight loss is in there, but it isn't my highest priority. After regaining my ability to "move" again, my priorities have changed, and so have my goals for 2019:

And so, here are my goals (not resolutions) to rebuild my life in 2019:

1) Look for a job that affords me time to experience life: I currently work for a company that pushes its employees too hard, that overtime is pretty much expected, and I cannot getaway from my desk. I feel trapped in my own home (I work from home), so getting out and spending time with friends and family, or just doing things seems nearly impossible right now. So, my #1 goal is to find a new job that allows me to not work as much overtime as to allow me, or afford me, the time to invest in myself once again. (i.e., not as much overtime, without sacrificing pay).

2) Getting involved with friends. I have a group of friends who do things on a weekly basis, and right now, I have to turn down basically every invite, and it is frustrating. At first it was due to finances, and now it is due to time. My goal is to start being able to enjoy spending time with friends (or even family, as that took a hit, too). But have to get that job.

3) Investing in my creativity. I enjoyed creating the busy/fidget quilt for my nephew, so I would really like to begin using my creative side: painting, playing the piano, sewing, photography, and writing (I use it, but more poetry). I want to use it as more of a stress release outlet. And hoping it helps. (here is the quilt)

4) Get out and enjoy nature more. I loved hiking and biking a lot before my injury, so getting out again is only natural. There are several walking trails and state parks around, so I have no excuse. I just need to follow the Nike phrase and "Just do it". Plus, it might be time to actually start the middle age walking club that I've been toying around in creating.

5) Traveling more. My car will be paid off here in a few months, and I've been wanting to start saving up for a retro travel trailer to start traveling. I have a desire to just pack up and see the sites! And not just in cities, but the countryside, as well. I have friends in just about every state, so I want to visit each one at least once. (Including Hawaii and Alaska)

And one thing I can say about some of those, I'm pretty positive that weight loss is inevitable with a few of those due to the type of activity. So, here I go. 2019! Let's do this!
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