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Looking Back and Looking Forward

Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 -Was a year of Positive Change for me. I returned to the Spark Program the second week of February 2018. I had reached that OMG NO MORE stage. I weighed 220 lbs, and had been in that weight group for approximately 18 years. We all have our reasons on how we got there, none have a good enough ring to them. When I looked into the mirror – I did not recognize the person with the swollen face and body. My children did not take pictures of me or with me and although I had been walking with my Fitbit – it was not consistent or habit forming. I was watching A LOT of television, and suffered from numerous health issues – mostly related to Obesity. I felt like I had really lost myself.
Armed with new determination, I found motivational quotes to help and put them on my bathroom mirror for daily reinforcement. Some of them: “If it is to be – its up to me”. “If you are tired of starting over -STOP QUITTING” - is still on my start page. I set a goal for 90 lbs! Which at the time seemed so very far away and likely not achievable? I reread the SPARK BOOK by Chris Downie. Thank you, Chris, and thank you Sparkpeople.
I lost 50 lbs in the first six months of the program, I track my foods, increased my exercise, and practiced consistency. AND it worked! I was fortunate to meet, follow and be encouraged and inspired by many people on this site. I grew in spirit, in knowledge, in energy and determination. I shrunk in lbs, and lost an entire wardrobe of clothes.
2018 was not without challenge and was certainly not all about victories. In August of 2018, and to date – my husband and myself have been dealing with a failing business, the accumulated debt – we are personally responsible for. As you might guess, it has caused a significant amount of stress for both of us. The interesting thing about this – is I have learned to deal with the stress – emotionally and physically. Meditation helped. I have learned we all are able to choose how we react to situations, knowing that is a gift all by itself. It is what it is and we will get through it. It is our path to walk. I am most proud, that I have maintained the weight loss and actually increased the fit bit walking as well as adding strength training.
I have learned so much this year, about nutrition, about eating healthy and having a healthy life style. I have learned I am stronger than I thought I was. At the beginning, It was difficult to pass by fast food. I have it so seldom now, that a couple months ago I wanted a treat and ordered a filet of fish from the golden arches. – It was awful. And I think it was awful because my palette had become familiar to real food. Bonus - I am finding that woman with the heart shaped face, and liking it. I now know without a doubt I will achieve my weight goal. Also know – it is not all about the number – it is about the quality of life. I don’t want to be a professional dieter and don’t consider this a diet – but rather a life style choice. A choice to LIVE.
I am full of energy, I am charged and totally looking forward to 2019. I am taking up Nordic pole walking in 2019! I am ready to say good bye to the remaining lbs. My goal is to accomplish this by June of 2019 and slide into maintenance with fingers raised in the victory salute to end the year. My theme for 2019 is “CAN DO”. 2019 will be my CAN DO year.

I am confident I am on the right path, I am forever grateful for the support and inspiration I have received from individuals and from this site.
Lets ROCK 2019 – and make it a “CAN DO” Year. Deb E – aka FIT2FINISH

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